A “proper writer”

Who is a “proper writer”?

It’s funny how a seemingly insignificant phrase occasionally catches your eye. The phrase I quote in my title caught mine, when I read it here. I started to wonder what is a proper writer.

I am a writer. Like lots of other people I write a blog, which you know because you’re reading it. Everyone who writes their own blog, as opposed to just re-blogging or sharing others posts is a writer too. Does that make us proper writers?

I write a daily journal, on paper with pen, not typed on a computer. Nothing too detailed, going over every minute of the day. I pen it in the form of letters to a friend. Does that make me a proper writer?

I often write reviews of books I read and films I watch. I make no attempt at the objectivity of a professional writer. I review subjectively whether I like a book or film, not whether I think my reader will. Does that make me a proper writer?

I re-tell bible stories in my own way, taking a different point of view to the original author. Does that make me a proper writer?

I occasionally write a little poetry and original short stories. Does that make me a proper writer?

Does any of this make me a proper writer? What does make a proper writer?

I have never been a professional writer, paid for original work. I do not include the technical writing, formerly part of my employment before I retired. But is it necessary to be a professional writer to be a “proper writer”?

Anyone can be a “proper writer”. There is no minimum requirement. You do not need to be paid for it. You do not need to publish a particular number of articles or books. You do not need to have anything published at all.

Good grammar and correct use of language are not necessary but are advisable when writing is to be read by someone other than the author. They are not always necessary to convey an idea or tell a story.

If you write something intelligible, that can be understood, that means something to someone including yourself, something that someone finds interesting, amusing,  provokes a reaction or emotion, then I think you are a “proper writer”.


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