Getting The Message Across

Does more media make for better communication?

It is reported that there are more mobile telephones in the United Kingdom than there are people. There are also all the wired phones and computers. Each of these devices hosts, or has the ability to host, with a myriad of communication mediums. There is the  likes (no pun intended) of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and a host of other social networks and sharing sites. Are we communicating any better for all these applications?

We are saying more, that is for sure. We are also saying what we are saying in many, many more and different ways but are we any better at communicating than we were in Jesus’ time. I think that we might might even be worse at it.

It seems that everybody has something to say and now everyone has a way of saying it to the world, or at least to anyone in the world who will listen (or read). Everyone wants to ‘shout’ a bit louder so that their message will be heard over the cacophony of voices. The problem with all these notes, messages tweets, posts, podcasts and video-blogs is, to my mind, twofold;

Firstly, there are so many people saying something but at the same time saying nothing, it is hard to find the communications that matter and,

Second, virtually everyone with something to say is more concerned with saying it, than listening to anyone else.

Maybe, for a while, it is time to just be quiet and ‘listen’

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Covid Vaccine Passports

A personal point of view.

I’ve no doubt there will be plenty of people who will disagree with this. This is my opinion, you are welcome yours.

I will state at the beginning that I am in favour of Covid Vaccine Passports, or some form of certification that shows the immunity/vaccination status of the holder.

I believe that vaccine passports will become mandatory for travel to various countries. Some nations will insist on such a document, or refuse entry. UK will have no option but to comply for British citizens to gain entry.

Some of our politicians say domestic vaccine passports will be discriminatory. Perhaps that is so but surely, the safety of the majority outweighs inconvenience to the minority. Government is supposed to be for the greater good, after all.

I recognise, of course, that Covid vaccine might not be suitable for some people with particular medical conditions. It should not be beyond the wit of man, though perhaps beyond the wit of some politicians, to devise a certification equivalent to vaccine passports for these few people.

One of the worst aspects of Covid is that it can be passed on by carriers who themselves have no symptoms, so without a test don’t know that they are carriers. 

The vaccine protects not just the person receiving it, by activating their immune system against coronavirus, it protects people the vaccinated person comes into contact with. If a person actively chooses to refuse the covid vaccine, it is not just themselves they place at risk. Other members of society can be affected, some at potentially greater risk than themselves. 

I have no doubt that someone endangering society by any other means would face a court case. So why not when knowingly endangering society by refusing a vaccine?

For the good of society as a whole, I have no problem with vaccine passports. I am happy to be able to show that any danger I might pose to people I come into contact with has been minimised by the vaccine. This is why I have no problem inconveniencing, or as some politicians say “discriminating” against, people who refuse the vaccine without a valid medical reason. It’s not just themselves they place at risk.

Quoting from The Independant: “It might be “un-British” to have to carry a “vaccine passport”; but there’s nothing especially patriotic about lying in an intensive care unit, fighting for breath, either. We have a right to live as we wish, but no right to live in a way that endangers other people.”

The Diary Of Nemo, a Roman Soldier. Week of the Passover circa 0033 AD: Monday

A series of daily posts for Easter week, reprised from Easter 2013

Previous day, Palm Sunday here.


The Diary Of Nemo, a Roman Soldier. Week of the Passover circa 0033 AD: Palm Sunday

First in a series of daily posts for Easter week, reprised from Easter 2013.


 These recently discovered diary entries were apparently written by an unknown Roman soldier, whom I have called Nemo (Latin: no-one).

In translation from the original ancient script, I have taken the liberty of adding days from the modern calendar and using language more familiar to today’s readers.


Monday here.