From time-to-time, I write loosely connected or series of posts. This page has links to those collections.

A modern retelling of the Old Testament story.

Chapter 1   …   Chapter 2   …   Chapter 3   …   Chapter 4

Gabriel’s Reflections
A year in the life of angel Gabriel.

1. Zechariah   …   2. Mary and Joseph   …   3. The Wise Men
4. The Shepherds   …   Epilogue

Fairy Tales.
A Christian look at some favourite and less well known Fairy Tales.

Introduction …   Cinderella   …   Hans In Luck   …   Chanticleer & Partlet
Rapunzel   …   Mother Holle   …   The Raven plus The Old Man And His Grandson
The Silver Shilling

Art and Pictures.
A few personal reflections on modern and classic paintings and pictures.

The Light Of The World, by Holman Hunt
Annunciation, by John Collier
The Descent From The Cross by Paul Rubens

Mary and Elisabeth, The Unread Letters.
A different way of telling the Christmas Story through my imagined letters between Mary, mother of Jesus, and her cousin, Elisabeth, married to the priest Zachariah.

Letter 1   …   Letter 2   …   Letter 3
Letter 4   …   Letter 5   …   Letter 6
Letter 7   …   Letter 8   …   Letter 9

The Diary of Nemo.
The fictional Diary of a Roman Soldier serving in Jerusalem during the Passover festival, when Jesus was crucified.

Palm Sunday   …   Monday   …   Tuesday   …   Wednesday
Maundy Thursday   …   Good Friday   …   Saturday   …   Easter Sunday

A Different Look At Easter.

Riding into town   …   From Up Here   …   Awakening
Is It A Ghost   …   On The Road Again

Mary’s Monologue.
A fictional account, told by Mary herself, of her meeting with Gabriel and relationship with Joseph after she conceived the baby that would be Jesus.

Part 1   …   Part 2   …   Part 3   …   Part 4