Welcome to Entertaining Angels or, as I sometimes think of it, giving the angels a laugh. Everything here is my own thoughts and opinions on,mainly, but not exclusively, Christian topics. I also like to review books and provide links to my separate Bookshelf blog.

The posts might or might not be new concepts, opinions or ideas to readers. They were new to me when I wrote them. I hope I will not offend anyone. if I do, please let me know in comments and I will try to make appropriate amendments.

Christian related posts will usually be published regularly each Sunday. Other posts, possibly reprising some old posts I particularly like,  will tend to be published mid-week. These will not be regular.

My opinions on news and current events are based on what I see, read and hear in publicly available news media. My one and only relatively authoritative source is The Holy Bible, a book still debated, argued over and re-interpreted after 2000 years.

You can also find me on twitter @jandws .


3 thoughts on “About

  1. zecqi

    Where can I find your fictional story on ‘the conversation between the two disciples Jesus sent to get the donkey on which he rode into Jerusalem’? I hope you have more of such. Thanks.

      1. zecqi

        Why, thank you very much! Sorry for making such a strange request! I’ve read your story, and was very entertained! It wasn’t exactly what I had expected to read, and it was a pleasant and refreshing read. Enjoyable. I like to take on different perspectives of various Biblical events when I write stage plays for my church’s drama team, so every little non-canonical fiction like The Donkey will inspire me a little more. Please continue to write, regardless whether it’s for yourself or not. God bless you.

        Once again, thank you ^^

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