Brexit Or Brit-In

Should Britain remain in or leave the European Union?

As I write this, the leave European Union campaign ahead in the polls, so let’s assume leave wins, and we go out. What happens in another generation if there is a change of heart or mind, and future generations want to re-join the EU?

In 2016 as an EU member, we enjoy various opt-outs, vetoes and a budget rebate that other nations do not get. Importantly we enjoy all the benefits while retaining our own national currency.

In 1973 we voted in a referendum to be part of the EU in 2016 we seem to be changing our mind. We could change our mind again in another generation. What then?

If in, say, 2050, we wanted to join again does anyone seriously believe we could negotiate the opt-outs and budget rebate we currently have? And as for the veto; fat chance.

If we wanted to re-join we would have no option but to accept every rule regulation and policy foisted upon us. We would have no opt-outs and no budget rebate. There would be no negotiation. We accept it all, or we do not re-join. Should we take away this away from future generations.

The leave campaign says we will get lots of international trade, and agreements with other countries, but will we. A friend pointed out to me that if we leave, we show ourselves as a country that can not work with others, prejudicing our future prospects outside the EU.

If we’re in we have influence and a chance of driving reform. If we’re out we can do nothing and we hamstring future generations because of our selfish, little britain (missing capital intentional) approach.

My heart says leave but my head says REMAIN.


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