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Intercession Prayer for Sunday 7th May 2017

The Fourth Sunday of Easter.

Father of our Shepherd, Jesus Christ, You sent Him to Earth to care for your flock. To lead, not to heard. To open the gate to Your pasture, Not to round us up when we stray but to show us the way back to Your fold.

May this prayer encompass not only our words to You but, guided by Your Holy Spirit, that which you need us to hear today.

At Jesus baptism, You sent the blessing of Your Holy Spirit upon him as a dove. Send Your Spirit today to all those being baptised. Protect and sustain children as they grow, guide their parents, godparents and all who will care for them, that they may thrive.

Creator spirit, remind us of our own baptism and confirmation. Open our hearts and minds, to hear Your life giving word and be renewed by Your power.

Thank You Father that we live in a free democracy. We pray for the coming election. May the campaigns be fought on policy, not personality. On debate, not disparagement or dogma.

Source of truth and wisdom, guide us as we examine the options and remind us of our responsibility, to consider good and justice for all, not just our own needs and ends.

Heavenly Father, comfort all who grieve the death of a loved one or friend. Give strength to those who handle the formalities of death. Heal the unwell and injured in body or mind, according to their own need. and hear too the care of our own hears that we may say in silence within ourselves. 

Merciful Father, hear this prayer in the name of Your son, our Shepherd, Jesus Christ.


Download and print this prayer.


Intercession Prayer For Sunday 5th October 2014

Prayer1-1-small.jpgFather of grace and mercy who hears all prayers, we off you this prayer, through Your Son Jesus Christ, whom you allowed to be sacrificed for us. Hear us as we pray for your world, Your church, for ourselves and for all your people.

Father God, you gave us a perfect world and we can only guess how you must feel about the way we treat it and each other. What was perfect we have defiled and yet Your love, grace and blessing are freely given to all who accept Your Son as Lord.

We thank You for the blessing of peace we enjoy here in the west. We look and listen with compassion to the news reports of places where some people choose not to accept that blessing, bringing conflict and death to places like Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, and places we here little about in the news in our homeland.

In the places where there is violence we pray for everyone affected and especially for the innocents caught up in conflict not of their own choosing.

We pray for our government, who made a decision to send the Royal Air Force to strike against the Islamic State militants in Iraq.

We recognise the difficulty of that decision which few of us, if any ,would wish to make. We pray that none of our own servicemen and women or those of our allies are hurt or killed. We pray too that ultimately the decision to send our military results in less casualties and death than if the action of the Islamic State remains  unchecked.

Father Son and Spirit, whose light clears away all clouds. We take refuge in you, King of Men, God of all and Lord of Angels. We pray that you dispel the mist of illusion from hearts and nations and lift their lives by Your sufficient power upon them, Your limitless love, Your ever shining light, Your everlasting life and Your heavenly joy and perfect peace.

We pray especially for the family of Alan Hemmings, coping with their grief for the aid worker who was beheaded by ISIS, whose only aim in the middle east was to help and bring aid; he posed no threat.

Lord and Father we pray for the people of Liberia, suffering from the ebola virus  that is killing so many people. Give your comfort to those who suffer and your strength to sustain the medical staff and personnel trying to treat the infected and protect the healthy and stop the disease spreading. Again we give thanks and prayer for our military men and women, providing medical aid and assistance in this crisis.

God and Father, You created a world of beauty and grandeur and of challenges and risks. We pray for all whose faith in You puts them at risk, where they are not free to live openly in the Christian faith. Those of us that are free to express our faith give You thanks and praise and ask for your support as we face the challenges of living that faith and spreading Your word.

We thank You for the churches of our own parishes and around the world and we welcome those joining, coming as children into your family with Your Son, Jesus as brother. Spirit of the Father, who hovered as a dove over the waters at Jesus Baptism, spread Your wings of love over all your family as they grow in age, in stature and in faith.

Creator and giver of life, we call to mind in prayer and before You the hurt and unwell, whether or not they are know to us. We ask that You comfort and strengthen them each according to his or her need.

Through Your grace we have the ability to mend and cure many hurts and ills but sometimes Lord, we need reminding that true healing comes only from you. In Jesus Christ our Saviour we are reminded that death can bring healing, bringing an end to pain and suffering.

Heavenly father we take a few moments of reflection and silence to lay before you the cares and concerns, each of us of our own hearts.

Living Lord who called us to be the stewards of this world, You share with us Your sacrifice, Your love, Your life and Your forgiveness. Help us on our journey of faith to live by Your grace to always travel nearer to you.

Merciful Father,
Accept this prayer for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour,
Jesus Christ.


You can download and print this prayer here.

I Got Sssteam Heat

steam-imagePondering The Holy Spirit 3

Steam is the clear, invisible vapour between the hot water and the visible mist that we usually, incorrectly, call the steam. It expands to take up a whole lot more space than when it is in it’s liquid state. Used wisely, steam can provide heat and power but try to bottle it up or keep it in a confined space and BOOM, you can get a whopping great explosion. The Holy Spirit is, in some ways, a bit like steam.

For starters, steam, like the Holy Spirit, is invisible. You know it is there not because it can be seen, or measured but by observing its effect. An analogy might be the wind; you can see the leaves of a tree move by wind, but you cannot see the wind itself.

In the same way, The Holy Spirit cannot be seen but it can be seen working, through the people who open themselves up to it; allow it to ‘power’, or perhaps I should say empower, them. It can be felt but not touched, sensed but not measured.

As for the explosion; pressure of steam takes time to build up. In the same way the Holy Spirit takes time to build up in you and me. If we try to ignore all that potential energy building up, and don’t use it a bit at a time in a controlled manner, it might release its pressure in unexpected, unpredictable ways. If we ignore the Holy Spirit building up within us, it too will, sooner or later, find an avenue of release, in its own way.

The Holy Spirit and Steam are both capable of releasing great power. Many people do not realise that steam is used in nuclear power generation. The nuclear chain reaction heats the water to make the steam and it is the steam that turns the turbines, to make the electricity.

Steam can power a nation;
the Holy Spirit can, if we let it, power a person, a nation and a world

Atheism and The Bible

I can understand that atheists do not believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I can also see to some degree whey they don’t believe in what The Bible says. Even as a believer, I know that not every word of The Bible is factually true but that does not mean The Bible does not contain truth; it does, much bigger truth than just the words themselves.

However, more to the intended point of this post, even if I did not believe Jesus existed, was crucified and rose again, I could appreciate the wisdom of the teaching of the man The Bible calls Jesus.

It is not necessary to believe in the person called Jesus to believe that his teaching, as has been passed down to us in the gospels of Luke and the other Disciples, is a good way to live and to treat our fellow human beings, both individually and collectively.

There is nothing wrong with atheism per-se but in running down and railing against Christianity, which seems to be the main although not exclusive target of their ire,some atheists are themselves behaving like a religion, evangelising their cause and trying to get converts. I find a certain irony in this.

God: Another Perspective.

Morgan Freeman, as God, in the film Bruce Almighty

A personal exploration of a possibility:

I guess everyone has their own ideas about who, or what, God is, at least everyone who is not an atheist. For a large part of my life, when I thought about God at all, the image that I had tended to be of a benign, bearded protector in long, flowing robes. This of course is just a view of his physical form, if he has one, or, rather, how we might perceive him. Throughout the ages this has been a popular view of Him in art. And of course, the Bible reinforces this idea when it says that God made man(kind) in his own image. Perhaps an imagined physical form actually helps us to believe but suppose we consider not how God might look but his nature.

Some religions, particularly those that worship, or have worshipped idols believe in multiple gods. Ancient Egyptian gods included Anubis, Osiris and Ra, the sun god. The ancient Greeks believed that Zeus was the king of gods, with a number of minor gods under him like Apollo and Poseidon, who were a couple of the better known, with names still recognised today.

I think that most religions of today believe in a single god or deity. Monotheistic religions include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, to name the most recognised; there are others. It is conceivable that, in at least some of these religions, it is the same god by a different name, In Christianity and Judaism we know it is the same god, the God of Abraham, but Jews do not believe in Jesus or the Trinity.

I am a Christian and I believe in God the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A Trinity suggests multiple beings, or entities, of which only Jesus was incarnated or ‘made man’. Whilst God in Trinity has multiple aspects, it is, I think, generally accepted that those three aspects share a single conciousness.

What if God were a collective, or hive, mind, where individual wills and conciousness could perhaps operate independently but in which the whole is greater than the sum of individual parts?

Once the possibility of a multiple being is extrapolated, does it then become plausible to any degree that, God is in fact a collective conciousness, perhaps made up of more than just three. What if God were the collective conciousness of, say, all the souls of people that are not incarnate?

Spirit In The Sky

No, not the song from 1969 by Norman Greenbaum. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say spirit in the universe, or in creation. You have probably gathered by now that I am referring to God’s Holy Spirit, which is everywhere all of the time, even if we can’t see, hear or feel it.

The Holy Spirit is nowhere, yet everywhere. It is intangible yet touches us all. It is something we can’t see, touch, taste, hear or smell … or can we? People will all have their own different experience or idea about it, or a different opinion. These are simply my own personal ideas about the Holy Spirit.

Although we cannot physically prove the Spirit is with us, we can sometimes perceive its presence or we can hear it, not with our ears but with out hearts and minds. I have from time-to-time wondered if the Spirit might be like a wind, or a flame. Both can be felt, but both are intangible, they cannot be touched but their effects and presence can be see and felt. Or perhaps a better analogy is that the Holy Spirit is like a thought. Again intangible but the results of which can be sensed and can lead to doing things small and sometimes great. And of course an idea cannot die, like the Spirit itself. Ideas grow and spread.

I think too that it is impossible to ‘shut the spirit out. You can close your mind so you will not hear it, or you you can ignore it completely but it can’t be shut out.

And although I’ve said you cannot be touched by the spirit surely, when someone’s whose actions are guided by the spirit affect you; touch you, you have in a way been touched by the Spirit, even if you don’t realise it yourself.

The Holy Spirit works through us, if we let it. Suppose for a moment the holy spirit were a pen or pencil. It is useless unless a person picks it up and writes with it. The Holy Spirit can do anything through us but nothing without us.  So go and ‘pick up that pen’.