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No Passion For Fashion

Even if it’s green, it’s not eco. friendly.

As I write, it’s London Fashion Week, which is a misnomer as it only runs from 21st to 24th September. It’s when designers and fashion houses show off, er, I mean showcase their latest clothing designs. Designs that will make a lot of money for the designers, some money for the manufacturers and some for the cheap-jack makers of copies.

What the new designs almost certainly won’t do is be kind to the environment. The fashion industry relies on making people discontent with what they are wearing, so that they can be sold something else.

It doesn’t matter that most of today’s clothes are still perfectly wearable, there is a drive to sell the consumer something else. The latest, completely unnecessary, fashion to suck in the gullible who are too afraid to resist peer pressure, to wear what they want instead of what they are persuaded they want.¬†Fashion seems to me to bea parasitic industry, preying on insecurity in people trying to ‘fit in’, instead of having individuality.

No matter what the industry may say, fashion is consumption and it is not eco-friendly. Even if it is using re-cycled material, it is likely to be unnecessary recycling of useable clothing. Remember that while the material might be reusable, energy is still used in the recycling process.

To be eco friendly the cycle should be reduce, re-use, recycle. I suspect the fashion industry, when it does make a token effort at being green, jumps direct to the recycle option. It never reduces, that would hit profits and it doesn’t want us to reuse, when we can spend money buying something else.


A New Heaven And a New Earth

Are they one and the same?

In The Bible’s book of Genesis, humankind are given “dominion” over the plantet upon which we live. At the end of The Bible, in Revelation, we are told of “a new heaven and a new earth”, which are also the final words of the book Unveiling a Parallel. which I reviewed here, that inspired this post.

At the end of the Unveiling a Parallel story, the unnamed traveller to the planet Mars saw in the society of that planet what could be a different way of living for the humanity of this Earth. He came to appreciate how the people of Mars lived an idyll; a new heaven. Or, what could be heaven like if Earth’s humanity could learn to live peacefully together.

Earth’s humanity has taken “dominion” as giving ourselves the right to exploit the planet, usually for profit. We have forgotten that dominion also confers responsibility to respect and protect, to manage and steward Earth’s resources in a way that does not harm the planet. We have ignored these inconvenient aspects of dominion.

Humankind has taken oil and coal, metals and minerals from planet Earth with little regard to the consequences. We have poisoned great tracts with chemicals and pumped greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. We have cut down great swathes of the trees that make the oxygen we breathe. Ee face global warming and an uncertain future, largely due to our quest for profit, which ignores the inconvenient truths.

What if, taking Revelation as as a illustration, a new parable maybe, the new heaven and new earth were one and the same?

The traveller to Mars sees a society, and a way of living, that he perceives as a potential heaven on Earth, if only we people of planet Earth could overcome our petty squabbles, wars, injustice, violence and exploitation of the the Earth’s resources for profit.

What might be our new heaven and new earth? Could the new heaven and new earth be one and the same? We are, albeit slowly, beginning to realise the harm we are are doing to our planet. The only planet we know that can support human life.

Could it be that if we fully realise the extent of our destruction of the planet, it is not too late to do something about it?

It took millions of years for planet Earth to evolve to a human habitable environment. It took only a few hundred to strip it and damage it, to its present state. As with everything, damage to the planet was inflicted much, much faster than its evolution and our ability to repair that damage.

But suppose for a moment we do repair the damage. It will probably take generations; thousands of years to return it to the state it took hundreds to bring to its current state. If all the people of the planet started tomorrow to repair the damage, it would take generations to repair and recover but at the end of it all, our descendants could once again live on a clean, fecund planet. Perhaps a new Heaven and a new Earth.