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Intercession Prayer for Sunday 3rd September 2017

The 12th Sunday of Trinity.

God of grace and Father of life, You sent Your Son to live among us that we might find true and everlasting life in Him. Hear this prayer offered in Jesus name for Your church, Your world and for ourselves.

We give thanks for our clergy, and ministers of the church nationally, internationally and each in our own home towns. We pray for retiring clergy that retirement will bring new opportunities for them as we give thanks for their service.

When Jesus predicted his own death, Matthew tells us that Peter jumps in with both feet saying that isn’t what God would want. Peter presumes to know God’s mind. Father we pray that words we say and actions we do are as You guide us, not what we think or simply say is in Your name.

God of water, Lord of life. You gave us the water which sustains us and in which we are baptised. As Jesus was baptised in the Jordan, so we give thanks for everyone welcomed into Your family today by baptism in a spirit of love and trust.

We pray for our brothers and sisters in Texas, driven from their homes by floods. We pray also for India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Niger, less in the headlines, all suffering flooding of their own, without the massive, modern resources of America to deal with it and the reported over 1200 deaths.

Father God, comfort all who lost someone in floods. We give thanks for those who give aid and shelter until people can return to their homes. Support and strengthen those helping the clean up, that will take months, maybe years.

May the healing power of Jesus fill those hurting in body, mind or spirit. May he take away all that hurts or harms and give peace to those who need it.

Everlasting Father, you call us to live together in unity. Protect and guide all your children, bless our families and renew our communities.

Merciful Father Accept this prayer for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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Intercession Prayer for Sunday 23rd July 2017

The 6th Sunday of Trinity.

Heavenly Father, whose love is wider than our imagination, send Your Holy Spirit as we pray to You in the name of Your Son, our redeemer Jesus Christ.

Thank You that we can worship you in our homeland, that we can do so without fear. We remember places where to worship in Your Holy name might bring persecution We pray that soon everyone of faith may have freedom to worship you.

When Jesus told the parable of the weeds (Matthew 13: 24-30), he showed the need for patience, to separate the wheat from the chaff. Give us patience not to get caught up by the ‘have it now’ inclination, but to have self restraint for the richer rewards to come. Let this patience not be lazy, just waiting. Help us to flower amongst the weeds.

As school holidays begin, we pray for the children and young people, their teachers and carers. May the holidays refresh them for the next school year.

We pray for those leaving school to begin work or higher education. For those nervous about joining a new school, college, university or working for the first time. Prepare and support them for the next steps of their journey, whatever those steps might be. Guide them always along Your path.

We pray for the people of Lincolnshire and of Coverack in Cornwall, affected by flash floods after the storms. Let the resources be available to clear the devastation and return homes to liveable condition, and livelihoods back to business. Lord, help the relief workers making buildings safe and habitable again and help residents rebuild their communities after the reconstruction and refurbishment is complete. We pray for generosity and compassion in finding them temporary accommodation until they can return to their homes.

We give thanks for our homes whilst we remember the homeless and the refugees, wherever they are and whatever the cause. As the world refugee crisis shows no sign of slowing, we think today of South Sudan where towns near the country’s border have lost over 90% of their population.

We pray for the negotiations taking place to agree the conditions of the UK departure from the European Union. We pray for the negotiators of both UK and EU that their discussions be constructive, not confrontational. Help them to quickly reach agreement on citizens rights that are fair to all and ends uncertainty of anyone making a home, living and working in a country other than their homeland.

Father we bring to You those we know who are unwell or injured in body, mind or spirit. Offer them Your healing, to each in the way best fitted to their own need and we each offer to You, Father, the unspoken words of our own hearts.

Living God who loves all that You have made, give to us your compassion that others may see it through us in how we treat our brothers and sisters, friends and neighbours. Let our ears hear Your words of grace, given to us by Your Son, Lord Jesus Christ.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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Intercession Prayer For Sunday 10th January 2016

The first Sunday after Epiphany

Prayer1-1-small.jpgHeavenly father, who sent Your Son Jesus Christ into this perfect world that we made imperfect, hear us as we pray to You in His name.

You sent John to prepare the way for Your Son, to baptise Your people and Him. You blessed Him by sending Your Holy Spirit, in the form of a dove. Help us to become worthy of the blessings you give freely to those who receive and accept them.

Bless and support the children and young men and women returned to school after the Christmas and New Year holidays. Guide their teachers, carers and mentors seeking to steer them to adulthood in today’s complex world.

We give thanks for the United Nations established in 1945, but which met in general assembly for the first time this week in 1946. We pray for all nations to support its mission, to promote international peace and security.

Bless and protect everyone living in fear in places afflicted by political, religious and cultural intolerance. We remember people suffering hatred and the effects of war. Remind us Father of those who have fled their homes to seek safety in other countries, or in refugee camps. Especially at this time of year, we pray for those in Balkan refugee camps, with little shelter in temperatures well below zero. Give our leaders the wisdom to find ways to provide them safety and shelter and protect the life You created.

We pray for support to people affected by flooding, driven from their homes and livelihoods and now dealing with the aftermath of the disaster. Where floods are receding, we remember the many families still unable to return to their homes in the United Kingdom, and around the world. We pray too for farmers who have lost crops or livestock to floods.

We pray for the people in the towns of Waroona and Yarloop, near Perth in Australia, also driven from their homes not by water, but by bushfires, the flames fanned and driven by 40 mph winds.

Father God, we pray for those in most need in our families and neighbourhood, the sick, the lonely, the housebound. We pray for all those who care for them and we ask You to give them patience, compassion and understanding.

Father above, send Your Holy Spirit to guide us whether we sleep or wake, eat or drink, work or rest. May you always influence the thoughts of our minds and the feelings of our hearts.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer in the name of Your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


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Intercession Prayer For Sunday 9th February 2014

God above, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hears every prayer. We offer you this prayer for Your world, Your Church and for ourselves. As we know you you hear it, we know too you will answer; not when or how we expect or intend but in Your wisdom, in the time and in the way You know we need.

When Paul visited the young church in Corinth, he did not speak “in lofty words” but plainly so that everyone might understand. Let us learn from his example to speak clearly and simply so that what we say might be understood and let us remember that, as a lamp that is covered is useless, so too are words not understood or worse mis-understood or spoken in anger, that might create disunity and conflict.We pray that you show us how to use words wisely, that Your Word is our word and that we may find wisdom by better understanding Your Word.

In the rain and storms of recent weeks, some of us have been relatively unaffected, for which we give you thanks Lord. Others have not been so blessed and we pray for everyone affected by flooding, who have had to leave homes that have been damaged or destroyed. We pray for the farmers and farmland that will be useless to grow crops or rear animals, because the land is underwater and will be waterlogged for many months.

Heavenly Father we pray for the Winter Olympic Games, now underway. We ask that the competitors take part in a spirit of friendship. As we watch them on television, and cheer on our sportsmen and sportswomen, let us be reminded by Paul that the glory of the medals will fade but your glory is eternal.

Lord of Peace and Justice, we thank you for the progress and ceasefire in Syria that is allowing some relief to the city of Homs. We pray that this small step, letting the old, young and vulnerable be evacuated, will lead to greater progress to peace in that troubled nation.

Father God, speak peace into hearts where peoples meet,
justice where ideas and ideals clash,
mercy where power reigns,
healing where minds and bodies hurt
and unity where there is division.

Whilst we remember the children in places of conflict, like Syria, or in regions of disaster, we pray too for our own local children. For the social services and Youth workers, for the volunteers who care in other ways for them. We pray especially today for children from broken homes who need foster carers and that more families will come forward to offer that care.

Lord Jesus Christ, we bring to you all the children of your world,
their openness and friendliness,
enquiry and creativity.
We ask that you forgive our readiness to classify and divide them;
to demand their conformity.
Help us to encourage and understand them,
that their spirits may be lifted for your world’s sake.

Living God, source of light and life, we bring to you all those know or unknown to us who need your healing, comfort and strength as they suffer illness or brokenness of body or mind.

Jesus our healer,
we place in your gentle care all who are sick.
Ease their pain and heal their damage.
Fill them with your warmth and love
now and always.

Merciful Father,
accept our prayer for the sake of your son,
our saviour, Jesus Christ.

Written with inspiration from Angela Ashwin’s,
The Book Of A Thousand Prayers.

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