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Intercession Prayer for Sunday 4th June 2017


Updated following the events in London on the evening of Saturday 3rd June 2017

Heavenly and glorious Father, You sent Your Son to be our shepherd and saviour, to show us the way to You. Thank you for bringing us together as Your church. Hear this prayer on the day of Pentecost, that we offer in the name of Jesus Christ.

On the first Pentecost, You sent Your Holy Spirit like tongues of flame, and in the presence of the spirit all those present with different languages understood one-another. There are still many languages today as then, but only two are universal. The language of love and the language of hate. Father teach us to speak only the language of love.

We pray for our coming General Election. Let us vote with consideration of what is in the best interests of all, not just our own individual wants. Father guide the government elected to implement the policies that are necessary, not just those that are popular. We pray for our politicians to govern with honesty and integrity.

Father God, comfort those who have suffered loss or injury, especially in the bomb blast in the Afghan capital Kabul, this week. Strengthen and guide the emergency services and workers bringing aid and relief to the injured and maimed. Safeguard from anxiety those handling the bodies of the dead.

We give thanks for the fast response of our security services to the unprovoked attack on civilians in London, on London Bridge and in the surrounding area. Let us seek only justice, not revenge which leads only to more violence.

We pray for our Brothers and sisters of other faiths. Help us to see the elements of truth and justice in beliefs that might be different from our own. Inspire us to act towards those who seek You under other names, in the same way as we act towards each other.

Father whose love is wider, deeper and stronger than our imagination can comprehend, we pray to You for the sick and injured. Send Your breath of life to restore and heal those in need. Comfort and support the ill, guide and support those who care for them and hear the the unspoken words of our own hearts.

God of all blessings, thank you for the gift of life, for the air we breathe and the food that sustains us. For the love of family and friends and the mystery of creation. For the beauty and joy we find in You and for the hope You give for the future.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.



Tactical Voting.

Is the parties approach fair to voters?

I’ve noticed that the news media conflate Tactical Voting, with what I will call Tactical Candidature.  So let me begin with my definitions:

Tactical Voting: Is where an elector, a person chooses to cast their vote to someone other than their preferred candidate. The aim being to deny the most likely candidate a win, when the voter’s preferred candidate has little chance.

Tactical Candidature: Is when political parties collude, some parties not putting up candidates in particular constituencies. The aim being to re-direct their electors votes to another particular candidate.

I have no objection to any voter casting their own vote in what they consider to be a tactical manner. It is in fact a duty for each of us to consider how best to use our vote. It is also perfectly reasonable for the campaigning parties to urge us to vote tactically, for another candidate. That does not limit choice.

I am a bit uneasy about what I have called Tactical Candidature. In Tactical Candidature a elector’s ability to vote for their preferred candidate, or to tactically vote for a different candidate, is artificially restricted. The parties have colluded to remove voters choice. Instead of an elector choosing to vote tactically, it is forced upon them. Is this fair to the electorate? Is it properly democratic?

Half A Member Of Parliament

Should MPs be able to job share?

Two people who tried to stand on a job share basis to be candidates as Members of Parliament, are are seeking a judicial review of a ban on job sharing by MPs. Their names, their party and the outcome of the review (which is not yet decided) is not relevant to this opinion. However for more details, I have put a link at the end of this article.

I foresee problems with job sharing the position of an MP. For example when I vote for my MP, I vote for him or her on the basis of their opinions and principals. Any two people will always at some time have some area of disagreement, which I would not want between two people supposedly representing my interests as a voter.

For consistency they would both need exactly the same information on any particular subject, however such information is acquired and weather it be written or oral. There is a danger that in passing of oral information between themselves, one might be overly influenced by the other’s opinion, especially if one has a stronger character, or that a third party might not impart or express in the same way information to both sharers.

What might happen in the situation where the pair disagree on a vote in parliament? It was suggested that, in that situation, they should both abstain from voting. This too I do not agree with. I have no objection to a single MP abstaining on principal. I do not want two to abstain because they can not agree between themselves. Or worse, they disagree and one, because of particulary strong conviction on a topic, votes against the wishes of the other, or one of a pair abstains, what then? Even those who might support the basic idea of job sharing MPs must consider the implications of these questions.

When I cast my vote to elect a member of parliament, I want someone who will vote on their conscience and on principal. I do not want two people who may not agree and so abstain. In a parliament like we have now, where the majority is fairly slim, it can have a disproportionate effect, especially if there were multiple instances of MPs job sharing.

I would never vote for job sharing MPs, regardless of their political allegiance, whatever the decision of the review..

Green party pair challenge ban on MP job sharing.