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Intercession Prayer for Sunday 7th May 2017

The Fourth Sunday of Easter.

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Father of our Shepherd, Jesus Christ, You sent Him to Earth to care for your flock. To lead, not to heard. To open the gate to Your pasture, Not to round us up when we stray but to show us the way back to Your fold.

May this prayer encompass not only our words to You but, guided by Your Holy Spirit, that which you need us to hear today.

At Jesus baptism, You sent the blessing of Your Holy Spirit upon him as a dove. Send Your Spirit today to all those being baptised. Protect and sustain children as they grow, guide their parents, godparents and all who will care for them, that they may thrive.

Creator spirit, remind us of our own baptism and confirmation. Open our hearts and minds, to hear Your life giving word and be renewed by Your power.

Thank You Father that we live in a free democracy. We pray for the coming election. May the campaigns be fought on policy, not personality. On debate, not disparagement or dogma.

Source of truth and wisdom, guide us as we examine the options and remind us of our responsibility, to consider good and justice for all, not just our own needs and ends.

Heavenly Father, comfort all who grieve the death of a loved one or friend. Give strength to those who handle the formalities of death. Heal the unwell and injured in body or mind, according to their own need. and hear too the care of our own hears that we may say in silence within ourselves. 

Merciful Father, hear this prayer in the name of Your son, our Shepherd, Jesus Christ.


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Intercession Prayer for Sunday 2nd April 2017

The Fifth Sunday of Lent.

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Father God, young or old, rich or poor, we are all Your children. You welcome us into your home, so let us extend that welcome on Your behalf to those we reach in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ. We offer this prayer in His name.

Our Prime Minister has notified the European Union of Britain’s intent to withdraw. We pray that negotiation of departure be conducted with honesty and good will. May our separate futures be in peace, prosperity and harmony.

Though we chose a different path, Father let us remain welcoming to European citizens who chose to make their home here. Give us wisdom to see the benefits they bring to our wellbeing and prosperity.

We pray for everyone undertaking an initiative or challenge during this Lent. Support them in their efforts, guide and bless them through the lenten time.

John says Jesus shed tears with Mary and Martha as they grieved the death of their brother, Jesus’ friend Lazarus. Father God we ask that you strengthen anyone grieving today for the death of someone they loved. Support them by Your Holy Spirit as they adjust to their changed circumstances and life.

Today especially we pray for the souls of the 24 dead, their families and more than 70 injured by the terrorist bomb on Friday in Parachinar, in Pakistan.

Healing Father who cares for everyone unwell or in pain, we pray that in Your wisdom You comfort and strengthen them. Guide those who will care for them.

Father in Heaven, forgive what we have done that gave you sadness, and those things we should have done that would have brought you joy. Send Your Holy Spirit to guide us to bring Joy by Creating Connections with those who do not know you.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of Your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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Yate Mothers’ Union Intercession Prayer

Season of Lent, 12-18 March 2017

Creator God, father of Lord Jesus Christ and creator of us all, we offer this prayer for the Mothers’ Union (MU) throughout the world, supporting family life everywhere.

Isaiah spoke of a voice calling in the the desert. Today is a different kind of desert. Now there is too many voices. It is hard for one to be heard amongst them, so let our actions speak for us. Lord let everyone see our efforts as we work for You. May our accomplishments in Your name be to honour Your son. Help us to act with grace, that through us those we affect by our actions may feel Your grace too.

In a world where there is injustice, give us strength to speak out for justice and peace. We do not ask for everyone to be equal. Father we ask that everyone has an equal opportunity, to help themselves, their families and their communities.

God of grace and justice who guides those who listen, guide and support our Mothers’ Union family around the world as we pray for:

Kajo – Keji, in South Sudan.
Tarime, in Tanzania.
Dutse and Akoko-Edo, in Nigeria.
Canterbury, In England.

We thank You for the freedom to worship You. We pray for those struggling to make Lent a time of spiritual growth. May they find Your peace in their hearts.¹

We pray for all MU members. May You be with us in every part of our lives, encouraging and leading, sheltering and strengthening us, so that we may work to Your praise and glory.²


  1. Adapted from Families Worldwide daily prayer Thursday 16th March 2017.
  2. Adapted from Families Worldwide Issue 1.17 introduction.

Intercession Prayer For Sunday 26th January 2017

The Sunday Before Lent.

Living God who knows each of us by name, we thank You for coming to us in human form in Your Son, to show us how to live and to teach us how to pray. We offer you this prayer in Jesus name.

God said to His Son, at both Jesus’ baptism and later on the mountain top with Peter, James and John, in the company of Moses and Elijah, “with Him I am well pleased”. God is with us at every stage of life and He knows our thoughts and our actions. We pray that with His guidance and by our faith in Him, that when the time is right He will say to us, ‘With you I am well pleased’.

As we prepare for Lent and to honour Your Son, guide us in faith. Be with all who attempt an initiative during the 40 days, and attempt the challenges it offers.

We pray for those affected by storm Doris in the United Kingdom, especially the family and friends of the woman killed in the West Midlands, after debris was blown onto her. May she be at peace with You, Father and her family and friends comforted by your presence. We pray for those who were without power and especially for the homeless, without shelter, that we take for granted.

We pray for places where there is violence, intolerance and injustice. This week we pray for those affected by the bomb blast in Lahore. Receive the souls of the dead, heal the injured and comfort the bereaved.

Living God, source of life, we pray for the unwell whether injured or ill, physically or mentally and for the bereaved who have lost someone. We offer them into Your gentle hands to comfort them, ease their pain and still their suffering.

May Your light surround them,
Your presence enfold them,
And Your power heal them.

As Your light shone around those who accompanied Jesus, let it shine in our hearts. As Jesus shines in glory, let that radiance spread across the world and on into the universe bringing peace and love wherever it shines, banishing shadow.

Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of Your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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Intercession Prayer For Sunday 8th January 2017

The Sunday of Epiphany

God and Father, Hear this prayer offered in the name of your son Jesus christ, for Your world, Your church and for ourselves.

As you guided the wise men to follow a star to Bethlehem, let us by guided by Your Morning Star. Let us be like the light of a star, shining for others to follow in a dark, turbulent world where it is hard to know which way to go unless we are guided by You, our Father.

The wise men followed a single star, out of the unknown number You created. We give thanks for the wonders you have placed in the universe that are beyond our understanding and that remind us that in Your majesty you also are beyond our understanding.

Today (Sunday 8th January 2017) is 1000 days since the schoolgirls from the Nigerian village of Chibock were abducted by the Boko Haram group. We pray for the girls still held captive by Boko Haram, and for those few freed but still under heavy restriction by their own country’s intelligence agency. We pray too for all who are unjustly abducted and held against their will.

We pray to you God for all those affected by flooding in southern Thailand. Comfort and strengthen the friends, family and loved ones of those who have died. Support those who have lost homes and livelihoods and everyone bringing aid and assistance.

As our children and young men and women return to school and education after the Christmas holiday, bless the people who teach, train and educate them. Borrowing a few words from Michele Obama, help them Father to “use that education to build a better” world “worthy of your boundless promise”. May they “lead by example with hope, never fear.

Healer God, send your spirit to the sick and the injured in mind, body or spirit. Comfort, support and strengthen them. We give thanks for the carers, whether professional or friends and family. Medicine may cure ills but true healing comes only from You. We ask for your healing touch on the unwell whoever and wherever they may be, known or unknown to us.

Whether we are well or unwell, we all still carry our cares, concerns and worries. We bring these thoughts and and feelings we hold in our hearts to you, our Father.

The decorations have been taken down and the Nativity sets put away in their boxes. Remind us Father not to put away Jesus in a box until next Christmas, like the nativity sets.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer for the sake of your son, our saviour, Jesus Christ.


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Intercession Prayer For Sunday 4th December 2016

The Second Sunday of Advent.

Steadfast God who loves all equally, encourage us to show each other the love you show us. We give You thanks for that love, and for bringing us into Your presence. Hear this prayer offered in Jesus’ name.

Help us not to get caught up blindly in the commercialism of the coming Christmas. Remind us of those people for whom Christmas is a struggle to survive, the same as any other day. We pray for those for whom a kind word, a hot meal or a hand of friendship is as great a gift as any purchased item.

Loving Lord renew our faith in this Advent time. Help us to know you afresh and wonder at the miracle of the coming Nativity. May Advent bring people into Your house and that there they will find a few moments of peace and time for reflection amongst the hurly burly of the season.

Father God, You sent John ahead of Jesus to prepare Your people for His coming, baptising the people of Israel. As You called Your people then, still You call us today.

Bless everyone You have called to be baptised, and for the young ones bless their parents and Godparents who make vows for them, until they are old enough to be called to their own life in Christ Jesus.

We pray for everyone who needs Your healing, comfort, guidance and strength. We pray for those who have died and whose memory we treasure. We name before You those we know who are unwell in mind, body or spirit and those still recovering from treatment and we ask for your blessing on them.

We each bring to You the cares and concerns of our own hearts and minds. Bless us with Your peace from those worries.

God of hope and joy, thank You for listening to our prayer. Open our hearts in preparation to welcome again Your Son, to make radiant the night of the waiting world.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


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Mothers’ Union Intercession Prayer

For the week ending 20th November 2016

Eternal God of hope and peace who sent Your Son to us in human form, we offer our prayer in His name for the Mothers’ Union everywhere they serve their communities.

As we serve the needs of our community, each in our own way, may we do so as Jesus showed us with grace and humility. Help us to be as Paul and Timothy said to the Philippians, “by being like-minded, having the same love in spirit and purpose.”

We pray for Mothers’ Union members working in prisons, for the inmates and their families. We ask for Your support and guidance to members supporting families who may have travelled many miles to visit relatives.

We pray to for those whose prison may be emotional, by abuse or addiction. Jesus came to set us free. Free those in their own prisons and free the minds of those who are restrained by the law and justice.

Lord of life, show us how to stand up for justice and peace, not only for the innocent but for the guilty too, so that sentences are not unduly harsh. Let Your voice be heard through us where guilt is determined by unjust laws, corruption or oppressive regimens.

God of grace, help your servants in the Mothers’ Union to carry out your mission on Earth. This week we pray especially for:

Iraq. Katakwa in Kenya. Kafanchan in Nigeria. Asaba in Nigeria. Lincoln in England and Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies.

We pray for our friends who need your strength and comfort. Some we name in the quiet of our hearts and some we say aloud, knowing you hear every name.

Be with them and with each of us, so that we can do your work and say your words.


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