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What does Sunday mean to you?

Visit the Keep Sunday Special website.Let me begin by saying what it means to me. It will be no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I am Christian, so Sunday for me is distinct from the other days of the week. I attend church, though I’m not hidebound about it. I don’t generally do big shopping though I will pick up basics, if I run out. I deliberately didn’t say necessities.

Maybe it’s also worth saying that I’m retired. That means I could do the same things every day if I chose to. Sunday is still a different kind of day.

A lot of people in the United Kingdom are of no faith and do not attend church. Some who call themselves, at least nominally, Christian don’t attend either. Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking either of these groups for this.

I recently read a news article, from a reputable source, about a dispute concerning pay for Sunday working. The question arose in my mind, why should people who treat every day like any other, for whom Sunday hold no special significance, be paid more to work on Sunday?

When anything that can be done, bought, attended, visited on any other day of the week can be done on Sunday, why should Sunday continue to be thought special and attract premium payment. Shopping hours are still slightly restricted on Sunday but anything else is possible. If you’re working on a day when shopping is a little more restricted, then you have greater freedom to shop on other days of the week when hours are not restricted by employment.

I wonder how much the people who expect extra pay for Sundays consider the people who work to serve their needs and more often wants, on Sundays when they are not working?

The Keep Sunday Special website says “Sunday is a special day, allowing families and communities to spend time together”. However, and this is just a personal opinion for which I have no objective evidence, The families and communities that spend the most time together on Sundays is the Christians for which the religion is not just a nominal title.

Pointless Profanity

Ruining the argument.

How many blogs, social media posts, news media websites or other websites do you encounter some form of profanity on? It seems to me that the number is growing.

There might be occasions when there is a good reason, such as making a direct quote. On the whole I see little reason, and even less benefit in using profane, insulting language.

When such language is used, it not only detracts from reasoned argument but in written word it puts some people off reading what might follow and otherwise be perhaps a good persuasive piece of writing.

Far from emphasising a point, the point gets lost because attention is focussed in the wrong place.

To people who regularly use profanity themselves, reading it will make no difference and will not change a point of view. Unfortunately, some of those people will also be those who use profanity in place of reasoned debate.

To people who do not use or are offended by profanity, it might harden their opposition to what might be an otherwise worthwhile position or convincing argument, if they bother to read past the profanity and don’t go and read something else instead.