Esther: Chapter 2

A modern interpretation of the Old Testament book of Esther

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Esther supplants Vash.

Vashti Refuses the King’s Summons, by Edwin Long

When applications and referrals began to arrive from the recruitment agencies to fill Vash’s position, Ceres King took little interest to begin with, content to leave matters in the hands of his personnel department now that his initial irritation with Vash had subsided, at least until a shortlist could be put to him.

When the shortlist of potential candidates had been selected, they were all invited to a residential selection process which would culminate in selection of a single individual to fill the vacant directorship. Selection would take place at a country house hotel, owned by Ceres King’s friend Thomas Heggerty, hired for the purpose. The candidates would be allowed the full use of facilities at the hotel including sports, leisure and beauty treatments during their stay.

Matt Mortlake or Morti as he was often called, an under manager in King’s business empire, thought that the position in Ceres King’s company might be suitable for his cousin Esther, who had recently finished a business studies degree. He had raised her after the death of her parents, a result of a road accident.

Esther wasn’t on the shortlist of candidates, nevertheless Morti persuaded King’s personnel manager to let her fill the place of a candidate who had failed to arrive for the selection process. The personnel manager wasn’t hard to persuade. Esther charmed him as she seemed able to charm everyone with her wit and beauty.

When Ceres King met with the candidates for the directorship, like everyone else he was charmed by Esther. He immediately wanted to hire her but for the sake of appearances continued to interview the remaining shortlisted candidates. A week later, Esther was summoned by Ceres King and formally offered the position his wife had previously held.

While Ceres King had been interviewing the candidates for the position in his company, Esther’s cousin Morti had chanced to overhear a conversation between two high officials of the company. Bingham and Taplin were apparently plotting to depose Ceres King from the presidency of the company he had founded.

Morti told his cousin Esther of what he had heard and she in turn informed Ceres King. King immediately sacked Bingham and Taplin without either severance pay or references.


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