Yate Mothers’ Union Intercession Prayer

Season of Lent, 12-18 March 2017

Creator God, father of Lord Jesus Christ and creator of us all, we offer this prayer for the Mothers’ Union (MU) throughout the world, supporting family life everywhere.

Isaiah spoke of a voice calling in the the desert. Today is a different kind of desert. Now there is too many voices. It is hard for one to be heard amongst them, so let our actions speak for us. Lord let everyone see our efforts as we work for You. May our accomplishments in Your name be to honour Your son. Help us to act with grace, that through us those we affect by our actions may feel Your grace too.

In a world where there is injustice, give us strength to speak out for justice and peace. We do not ask for everyone to be equal. Father we ask that everyone has an equal opportunity, to help themselves, their families and their communities.

God of grace and justice who guides those who listen, guide and support our Mothers’ Union family around the world as we pray for:

Kajo – Keji, in South Sudan.
Tarime, in Tanzania.
Dutse and Akoko-Edo, in Nigeria.
Canterbury, In England.

We thank You for the freedom to worship You. We pray for those struggling to make Lent a time of spiritual growth. May they find Your peace in their hearts.¹

We pray for all MU members. May You be with us in every part of our lives, encouraging and leading, sheltering and strengthening us, so that we may work to Your praise and glory.²


  1. Adapted from Families Worldwide daily prayer Thursday 16th March 2017.
  2. Adapted from Families Worldwide Issue 1.17 introduction.

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