Perfect Christmas

Is there any such thing?

In all sorts of places people are planning for Christmas, what they think of as the perfect Christmas. Of course the perfect Christmas is different for everyone, unless you are taken in by all the advertisements trying to sell you the ‘perfect’ Christmas.

In our lives we can create routines, build traditions and make plans. We plan even more so at Christmas time. We buy the food for the Christmas dinner, we buy the gifts, often something expensive but thoughtless that is consigned to the bin soon after the festivities are frgotten.

We wonder every year what to buy the relatives that are coming to stay, that we only see a couple of times each year. We prepare the spare room/guest bedroom.

Then on Christmas Eve, or perhaps Christmas morning, the guests, usually family, arrive and the festivities, and the stress of being cooped up with people you don’t usually spend much time with begins. We put on our forced smiles and fake bonhomie assisted by alcohol, pull a few crackers and laugh at the terrible jokes.

Next thing you know, something happens that catches us off guard. An accident or event breaks into our cozy Christmas and throws the plans we spent so long crafting out of the window. Uncle Ted says a wrong word to Dad and an argument breaks out, or maybe someone spills red wine on a light carpet. Our carefully planned and arranged Christmas comes crashing down around our ears as if our Christmas routines were nothing at all. Our ‘perfect’ Christmas is ruined.

But is it ruined, or more to the point should it be through one small, often petty, accident or argument? Do we spend too long working ourselves up, getting stressed out? Are we wearing brave faces, instead of our happy faces.

There is no such thing as a perfect Christmas, at least not the way us flawed humans try to celebrate it, at the same time forgetting what it is we are celebrating.

So, make your plans, buy the food, wrap the presents and cook the dinner. If something upsets the ‘perfection’ why worry, it was never going to be perfect anyway, so eat, drink be merry. Relax and enjoy the day, imperfections and all.


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