Intercession Prayer For Sunday 4th December 2016

The Second Sunday of Advent.

Steadfast God who loves all equally, encourage us to show each other the love you show us. We give You thanks for that love, and for bringing us into Your presence. Hear this prayer offered in Jesus’ name.

Help us not to get caught up blindly in the commercialism of the coming Christmas. Remind us of those people for whom Christmas is a struggle to survive, the same as any other day. We pray for those for whom a kind word, a hot meal or a hand of friendship is as great a gift as any purchased item.

Loving Lord renew our faith in this Advent time. Help us to know you afresh and wonder at the miracle of the coming Nativity. May Advent bring people into Your house and that there they will find a few moments of peace and time for reflection amongst the hurly burly of the season.

Father God, You sent John ahead of Jesus to prepare Your people for His coming, baptising the people of Israel. As You called Your people then, still You call us today.

Bless everyone You have called to be baptised, and for the young ones bless their parents and Godparents who make vows for them, until they are old enough to be called to their own life in Christ Jesus.

We pray for everyone who needs Your healing, comfort, guidance and strength. We pray for those who have died and whose memory we treasure. We name before You those we know who are unwell in mind, body or spirit and those still recovering from treatment and we ask for your blessing on them.

We each bring to You the cares and concerns of our own hearts and minds. Bless us with Your peace from those worries.

God of hope and joy, thank You for listening to our prayer. Open our hearts in preparation to welcome again Your Son, to make radiant the night of the waiting world.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Download and print this prayer.


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