Mothers’ Union Intercession Prayer

For the week ending 20th November 2016

Eternal God of hope and peace who sent Your Son to us in human form, we offer our prayer in His name for the Mothers’ Union everywhere they serve their communities.

As we serve the needs of our community, each in our own way, may we do so as Jesus showed us with grace and humility. Help us to be as Paul and Timothy said to the Philippians, “by being like-minded, having the same love in spirit and purpose.”

We pray for Mothers’ Union members working in prisons, for the inmates and their families. We ask for Your support and guidance to members supporting families who may have travelled many miles to visit relatives.

We pray to for those whose prison may be emotional, by abuse or addiction. Jesus came to set us free. Free those in their own prisons and free the minds of those who are restrained by the law and justice.

Lord of life, show us how to stand up for justice and peace, not only for the innocent but for the guilty too, so that sentences are not unduly harsh. Let Your voice be heard through us where guilt is determined by unjust laws, corruption or oppressive regimens.

God of grace, help your servants in the Mothers’ Union to carry out your mission on Earth. This week we pray especially for:

Iraq. Katakwa in Kenya. Kafanchan in Nigeria. Asaba in Nigeria. Lincoln in England and Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies.

We pray for our friends who need your strength and comfort. Some we name in the quiet of our hearts and some we say aloud, knowing you hear every name.

Be with them and with each of us, so that we can do your work and say your words.


Download a transcript of this prayer here.


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