Intercession Prayer For Sunday 6th November 2016

The third Sunday before Advent.

Blessed Father who watches over us, who sent Your Son to teach us to live in peace with one-another, send Your Holy Spirit as we are gathered to worship You. You hear every prayer, whether or not we perceive your answer. Hear this prayer offered in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for sending Your son to invite us to Your feast. Too often we find excuses to eat at a different table, food that sustains our bodies but not our souls. Forgive us for not choosing your bread of life.

We remember the homeless, especially of Italy who suffered earthquakes and are recovering from the rebalancing of creation. We give thanks that there are no known fatalities. Comfort the hurt and strengthen those who cannot yet return home, or whose homes were destroyed.

We pray for refugees still being re-settled from the camp at Calais known as The Jungle. Help us to show them, especially children, Your compassion by offering them safe homes.

We pray for aid workers helping refugees. Feeding them, translating, giving medical services and education. Give them the resources they need for the task.

God above, thank you for the sacrament of baptism, brought to us by Your servant John the Baptist, who baptised Jesus Christ. Bless all who you have called symbolised by baptism with the promises of their parents and Godparents for the children. Bless them with your love throughout their lives and guide them in the way of Jesus Christ, to grow knowing your love and His grace.

May we each be reminded of the commitment of our own baptism and confirmation, living our lives as your representatives and serving our communities.

We pray for the sick and the hurt, those who care for them and for anyone grieving the death of someone they loved and may be facing an uncertain or lonely future.

Thank you Father for the fresh joys and challenges of each new day; for the love and encouragement your Spirit gives us, may it sustain us through the coming week.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Download and print this prayer.


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