And its drawback

If you’re reading this weblog, you will, more than likely, be using at least some of the same technology as me. Modern technology is wonderful; previous generations might have thought of it as magic but I’m not sure how many of us, myself included, use it to best effect.

A lot of technology is developed because someone thinks they can make money out of it. That doesn’t always mean it doesn’t help us do things easier, quicker and more accurately, it generally does this very well.

The problem comes not with the technology itself but how we use it. After we have accomplished something quicker with it, instead of taking the time it has given us to rest, relax or perhaps pray, we just find something else to fill up the time we’ve saved.

Worse, because we are now available twenty four hours a day, more and more of us are doing work at home, answering e-mail, texting, messaging and suchlike, which might be ok if we live alone but it isn’t really fair to the family, for those of us that have one. We even take our work on holiday now.

Jesus took time for himself when he needed to, and understood that everyone needs to completely relax once in a while, without constant demands upon them. It’s an old lesson that we need to keep alive, so perhaps it’s time to switch off communication devices for a while and use our technology to truly make things easier, instead of it just giving time to fit more things in.

If it weren’t that I need the time to answer just one more e-mail, I’d pray about it.


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