The New Places Of Worship

Worshipping at the altar of Apple.

ip7With the recent launch of Apple’s latest iPhone, in all it’s attendant hype and hyperbole , I began to notice something about Apple’s retail stores, at least the ones here in the UK. I assume those in America and the rest of the world are similar

Everything is carefully and neatly laid out, as you would expect. What struck me was the manner in which their undoubtedly fine, if expensive, products are displayed. In most stores, display tables are crammed with variety and volume. In Apple’s stores the tables are sparsely laden, showing off just one product on each table, albeit that it might be in various sizes. Apple’s tables are well spaced, displaying relatively few items on each table, or maybe I should say each alter.

That’s what the tables in the Apple stores remind me of; alters, at which the faithful come to worship the latest technological idol churned out by the world’s most valuable company..

It’s as if the followers of the cult of Apple bow down to their high priest, formerly the deceased Steve Jobs, now his successor Tim Cook whom they seem to be beginning to see as saints of the technology industry. For a while, it was almost as if Steve Jobs was like Obi Wan Kenobi, from the original Star Wars film. He became more powerful after his death.

Steve was a visionary (not literally or he might have become a saint), a tough businessman and the industry is undoubtedly poorer without him. Apple makes competent, well designed, stylish technology products but that is all.

Technology is a means to an end, or should be, not an end in itself. Apple makes good tools but a lot of people seem to worship the tool that facilitates, makes possible, amuses and entertains but is in the end just a tool that helps us to accomplish other things which are more important than the tool itself. And yes, I own Apple products.

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