My Other Family

Family is not just relations.

Regular readers might remember a few weeks ago I wrote about my experiences of emergency admission to Bristol Eye Hospital. That was mainly about my treatment and experience in hospital. This is about what happened after my discharge as an in-patient, until I no longer needed to be under the hospital’s care as an out-patient.

The treatment had a major effect for about six weeks on what I could and couldn’t, or shouldn’t, do. I wasn’t supposed to bend down for more than a minute or so; just enough time to put on a pair of shoes, for example. I couldn’t do any heavy lifting or exert myself physically and I couldn’t drive.

Whilst I was an in-patient TC & JC had visited my wife (she has poor mobility). They brought me overnight things in to the hospital, so I didn’t have to wear the awful hospital gown, and on my discharge TC drove to the Bristol eye hospital to collect me and take me home.

They checked up on W and I from time to time, and lent me a shopping trolly to use while I couldn’t drive. TC also helped with some one-off jobs that I couldn’t do, which once done enabled me to manage a number of other things without assistance. TC also mowed my lawns twice and IW once.

In the week of my discharge two people, JF & LD cooked meals for us and JC took me to do a week’s shopping. In subsequent weeks, until my all-clear from the hospital I’ve had vacuum cleaning, bed remade and laundry washed and dried by GB and JJ.

JC. also took me shopping each week for the next 5 weeks, and accompanied me to two hospital checkups until I was discharged from out-patient care. Her daughter RC came withW and I to an opticians appointment, to lift W’s wheelchair in and out of the car and push it whilst I couldn’t

None of these people are related to me, yet they are still my family. They are my church family, without which it would have much harder to cope in the weeks after my surgery. They may not be family by blood in the traditional sense but they are in the Christian sense. Family by the blood of Christ.

Thank you everyone who helped.


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