Lost In Translation

Capturing the spirit.

On a visit to the Netherlands, the main reason is unimportant, on my way back to the car ferry at Hoek-Van-Holland, I stopped off in a small town to make an extra visit. That extra visit was important to me, a very special stop on my journey. I was going to visit a Rustplatts. The literal translation would be resting place, but in the UK we would call it a graveyard or cemetery.

I went to pay my respects to a late Dutch friend of many years, whose funeral I had been  unable to attend. That visit was when for the first time I saw the plaque marking her resting place her resting place, and the words inscribed on it:

The Light

I am able ro read a little Dutch but I could not translate “Opgenomen”. I used an on-line translation services to help me understand it. Possible literal translations of “Opgenomen” can be ‘incorporated’ or ‘included’. In English, the phrase would then become ‘Included In The Light’, or ‘Incorporated in the light’. That translation might be accurate, but was perhaps not the intended feeling or spirit of what it means in Dutch, and so its sentiment is not captured in that English translation.

I think a more correct translation in the spirit of what was intended, albeit not a strictly accurate translation in this instance, that conveys the intended meaning might be ‘Joined With the Light’ or ‘One With The Light‘. I favour the latter.

In Biblical terms, the light can refer to heaven and to Jesus Christ, who is The Light Of The World. So an even looser translation, but capturing the spirit might be Gone to Heaven, or Joined with The Lord.

N.B: I welcome comments of readers
who understand both Dutch and English.


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