The Absurdity Of Political Correctness (PC)

Or why you shouldn’t be PC.

I have no physical or mental defects (that I am aware of) except to wear spectacles to see clearly. So does wearing glasses, according to some ridiculous politically correct terminology, make me visually impaired? I just say that, I’m short sighted.

PC is becoming more prevalent, often making the simple harder to understand. It is like management-speak that is “spouted by self important morons in an attempt to feign intelligence and authority. Has the effect of rendering the most simple concepts completely unintelligible.” I have started to think that using PC language is not only doing many people a disservice, but can be patronising and even, sometimes, insulting. And when it is not directly insulting, it is insulting to the intelligence.

Jesus didn’t heal a visually impaired person, he gave sight to a blind man; He didn’t heal a differently-abled woman, he healed a crippled woman; He didn’t heal a man with a degenerative disease, he healed a leper.

PC wording becomes more ridiculous when we can not even quote directly from a historical document or story. Imagine if in Treasure Island, by R.L.Stephenson, Blind Pugh was Visually Impaired Pugh (so now the black spot would be delivered by a VIP). In the same story Long John Silver would not be a one legged man but a reduced limb human.

The most ridiculous type of PC is when we are not even allowed to refer to someone in the same way they talk about themself, and whilst these examples relate to disability, it is equally true when dealing with issues of race, creed or colour.

I have friends that fall into a number of the above situations regarding disability, race etc. It is because of and for them, that I reverted to natural, not PC, language. I have never, except perhaps as a child in the 60’s, when I did not know any better, deliberately insulted or upset anyone by my use of language not being PC.

The only time someone remarked on my language usage, was a time when I was trying to be PC but just ended up irritating the person I was chatting with. 

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right
to say it.” – Evelyn Beatrice Hall (often mis-attributed to Voltaire.)


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