Intercession Prayer for 17th April 2016

The Fourth Sunday Of Easter. 

God our Father, and Father to Your Lamb, our Shepherd, hear us as we pray to you in Eastertide, for your world, your church and for ourselves. We give thanks that you bring us together to worship you in the company of those who believe and trust in Jesus Christ.

We pray for our Queen, Elizabeth II, in her 65th year on the throne as our monarch, in this year of her 90th birthday with celebrations beginning this week. We give thanks for her humility, wisdom, compassion, and especially for her example to us. May her reign continue for many years and her successors and ourselves be inspired by her example.

Father, we know who our queen is. We pray for those who, like in John’s gospel, do not know or do not believe in Jesus Christ as the true king.

As the Europe referendum campaigning begins, we pray that the opposing campaigns do not resort to sniping but present reality not rumour, so that the electorate can make an informed judgement, based on fact not fear, how to vote.

We pray for the schoolgirls kidnapped from the Nigerian village of Chibouk two years ago this week. Send Your Holy Spirit to support both the girls and their families and to intercede with their captors, to return the girls to their mothers’ and fathers’ unharmed.

Father God, we pray for the places torn by conflict, for the families displaced by war and for mercy to refugees. We pray for those where there is intolerance of the different, whether that difference be religious, cultural or colour. We know you are present among the suffering, let your comfort be felt by those in darkness, pain and in need.

Strengthen those who support the increasingly fragile ceasefire in Syria, or anywhere there is conflict.

Heavenly Father, we pray for those whose hearts are saddened by death. Let them feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and the fellowship of our church family around them, until all are reunited in Your heavenly kingdom.

We pray for the unwell or injured, in mind, body or spirit. Strengthen and comfort them. We give thanks for the skill and dedication of medical staff who have treated those recovering. May their return to health be swift and they feel your presence, with its gentle healing.

Jesus Christ is the light to the world. Sometimes that light may seem dim but it is always visible, like a beacon in the dark to guide us. Draw us ever closer to your light and help us to reflect your radiance to those around us, that they may also by guided.

Merciful Father accept this prayer for the sake of your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Download and print this prayer.


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