Vacancy Notice

VacancyDo you have what it takes to join our team?

A position has arisen that would suit a practical minded, physically fit individual, who is able to deal with members of the public and is equally capable of communicating tactfully with figures of authority, both locally and nationally. You would be required to represent the organisation with honesty and integrity in a range of challenging circumstances and environments.

If you think this opportunity might be for you, please continue to read the outline job description and our expectations of the successful applicant.

The successful applicant will join a small, diverse team of dedicated and committed individuals who are currently seeking to fill a post vacated unexpectedly, under unusual and fatal circumstances.

Our team currently meets regularly but in future will need to operate in disparate locations, while retaining the corporate ethos, aims and vision, in pursuit of a large, global project.

The position is self-funded, although some tips and bed-and-board may be anticipated, but with an exceptional compensation package, to be awarded on completion by the individual of their assignment. A high degree of self motivation is necessary from the individual selected, who should be aware that considerable travel will be required. A significant proportion of the travel may be international, so an aptitude for languages would be an advantage.

On occasion, the individual may be required to provide specialist consultancy services to locally recruited staff, at locations where regional offices of the project have been or are to be established.

The successful applicant will be competent in time-management and able to demonstrate an awareness of the distinction between importance and urgency, in the planning his work. Flexibility and adaptability are a prerequisite, as project plans are frequently disrupted by unreliable transport and opposition to new ideas. so re-planning is required. Applicants should be aware that visits may on occasion be necessary to remote, hard to reach locations where the indigenous population may not be in sympathy with our aims.

You will need to demonstrate or acquire a basic working knowledge of our reference manual in a limited period of time. A personal copy will be allotted to you. Training will be in the form of an assigned mentor in the early stages, and during your initial assignment.

If you think you are capable of meeting the requirements of this challenging, fulfilling opportunity , please submit your curriculum vitae (CV) detailing experience and qualifications. You should include a covering letter saying how you believe your qualifications and experience will benefit our organisation to meet the sample requirements and challenges we have outlined.

Applications to fill the position of twelfth disciple, left vacant by untimely departure of Judas Iscariot, should be submitted to Simon Peter (fisherman retired) not later than ……


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