Intercession Prayer For Sunday 28th February 2016

The Third Sunday of Lent

Father God, who listens to all prayers offered in faith, we pray to You knowing that although we might not see it answered, You will not ignore our prayer. We offer it for Your world, Your church and for ourselves, trusting in Your wisdom, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Open our minds as we pray to you. Open our hearts to pray with sincerity, and open our eyes so that we might see and understand when you respond.

In our busy lives, we have learned expect to get what we want now. Teach us patience, as Jesus taught when he told the parable about the fig tree. Remind us that, like the ripening of the fruit of the fig tree, some things cannot be speeded up, or rushed.

We pray for the Fijian islands, recovering from Cyclone Winston. Give strength to the workers clearing the devastation, making homes habitable again and dealing with the bodies they find. Give wisdom to leaders directing recovery operations and give conscience to richer countries, to provide necessary aid.

Thank You Father that the World Food Programme aid has reached Deir al-Zoura, a besieged area in Syria. We pray it will be the beginning of more, much needed, aid reaching those people.

We pray that the ceasefire in Syria will hold and that peace talks can begin, slowing the tide of refugees. We pray for everyone displaced by conflict.

Open hearts to refugees in places they go for safety, to be welcomed where they choose to settle. Protect with your love, Lord, those that stay in their homeland and give them courage to face the dangers.

Comfort the bereaved as we pray for those who have died, and the friends and family who mourn them, weather death is by conflict, disaster or that it was their time. Receive them into Your eternal kingdom.

We pray for the unwell or injured, those who have been treated and are recovering, and for everyone in need of care. We thank You for the support You give to carers, weather medical, professional or friends and family.


Adapted from a prayer by Sir Jacob Astley, at the battle of Edgehill

Let the peace of this place surround us as we pray.
Let the hurry and worry of life fall away.
We are God’s children he loves us and cares for us.
He is here with us now and always.
Speak to Him thoughtfully and allow Him time to speak to us.
If we forget You, do not forget us.

Merciful Father accept this prayer for the sake of your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Download and print this prayer.


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