To The ‘Helpful’ People

Dear whomever,

From time to time you leave me ‘helpful’ comments about how to improve my web site to attract more traffic. 90% of the comments are technical gibberish to me, they might make sense to someone. I have no idea, and care less, what an SEO is, or most of the other acronyms i find in the ‘helpful comments.

I write my weblog because I enjoy writing, not because I am trying to make money. I use the excellent WordPress because it is easy. I do not want to immerse myself in the technical complexities of web publishing.

I am happy that my readers like what I write enough to follow my blog. thank you all.  If more people find it, great. I know that I do not have thousands of readers like some blogs. That does not bother me as I just want to write about things that interest me, and that I care about. 

Will all the ‘helpful’ people please stop bugging me with comments I do not understand, let alone care about. 



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