Gabriel’s Reflections: Epilogue

Archangel Gabriel by Paul Emil Jacobs (1802 – 1866)

Well, I guess it all worked our right in the end, though not everything went quite according to plan. Most of these visits I was just the messenger, spelling out what would happen.

Old Zechariah, he got his voice back and his and Elizabeth’s lad, John, was born just as Big G. said. A strapping lad he was. He’s going to grow up a big, strong fella I reckon.

Mary was next. She had a boy too, Jesus, just as predicted. Not such a big baby as Jon, but he had a different kind of strength; you could see it in his eyes. I guess he’ll learn to be a carpenter, just like his dad, before he grows to manhood.

Joseph now, he was wary of the whole business but came around in the end. Once the boy was borne he was just like any doting dad.

The wise men. Now, they were late arriving to see the boy Jesus. Nearly ten days late. I suppose that was my mistake. I mis judged the time it would take them to travel to the stable. Perhaps not completely my fault though. Big G. forgot to tell me they’d be waylaid by Herod on their travels.

Last but not least, the shepherds. They just had a pleasant evening away from the sheep, while a few of my mates made sure they didn’t wander too far.

I heard later the shepherds had been talking, telling everyone they met about the boy Jesus.

All in all, not bad going really.


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