Gabriel’s Reflections: 4. The Shepherds

A short story for the fourth Sunday of Advent.

The Adoration Of The Shepherds by Giorgione

From the point of view of having a chat with the shepherds, and getting them moving, this visit was quite easy. It was the logistics that was going to take a lot of organising. Big G wanted these guys given the full works, so I was going to need help, and lots of it. I did ask Big G why the lowly down on their luck shepherds were getting a big production. His answer was “You always give the audience a big finale.” I think he was probably just kidding.

I had to arrange schedules and shifts weeks in advance to get everyone I needed together for this little party. I needed the choir and the band too, though not all the band, just the brass players, mainly trumpeters for a decent fanfare. I had a word with my mate Michael; f he wasn’t too busy around December, I might get a bit of help from him. Maybe he could gather the musicians while I arranged the choir.

I soon realised that even with Michael’s help it wouldn’t be easy. I had to schedule the guys rehearsal time. I’d rehearse the choir, Mike could take care of the brass section, so now I needed a music director, to put it all together for me. It was kind of a shame that Lucifer had been exiled, he’d have made a good music director. Who else then? Raphael would have to do. Well I managed to get it all ready in time, even fitted in a full dress rehearsal.

Come the big night, I dropped in to the stable, incorporeal you understand, just to make sure it was going ok with Mary and Joseph. Jo. was pacing, Mary was moaning and wailing and the young-un was just popping out into the world when I left. A quick trip back to heaven to get all the guys, then back down to the fields outside Bethlehem, where the shepherds were. I tried not to scare them too much, with a slow materialisation, though they still jumped when I spoke. It was quite fun seeing their startled faces, but I’m not supposed to say that.

Anyway, once I had their attention, I delivered the message about the Saviour being born, that he’d be wrapped in cloths in a manger. A moment later, pop, and there’s all the guys blowing their trumpets and singing about the new king. The appearance of them all together startled when I knew they were coming, them poor shepherds must have nearly had kittens.

I let the guys finish their song, then I pointed the shepherds in the right direction. Of they went to Bethlehem town to visit little Jesus, each with a lamb tucked under his arm. That was the last I saw of them guys but I did often hear snippets of gossip later about the shepherds talking about a new king, to anyone who’d listen.


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