Gabriel’s Reflections: 3. The Wise Men

A short story for the third Sunday of Advent.

These guys don’t believe in anything they can’t see for themselves, and that actually made my job quite easy in their case. I only had to get them to look in the right direction. Timing was important too, as I had to give them sufficient time for travelling. I had great fun with this visit.

I had to go for a semi materialisation, as my plan needed physical contact though I couldn’t let them see me. I called in at night time, before they were going to settle down for the night and were in already animated discussion about stars and their motion in the sky. As Balthazar turned away from Caspar, to discuss a point with Melchior, I tapped Balthazar on the shoulder. This made him turn back to Caspar for a moment. Caspar of course had no idea why Balthazar had turned back and said nothing, so a moment later Balthazar turned again to chat with Melchior.

I tapped again. Balthazar turned again, looking accusingly at Caspar and said, ‘Well, what do you want?’. ‘I didn’t say anything’, replied Caspar. ‘You tapped me on the shoulder’. ‘I did not’. ‘You did, I felt it.’ ‘Oh never mind just stop annoying me and get out of my way.’ As Balthazar said “get out of my way”, he pushed past Caspar, causing him to stumble slightly and grab onto the closest thing for support, the raised stone water basin. After supporting himself for a moment, recovering his balance with his head over the water, he stare at the stars reflected the water for a few moments longer and than turned his gaze up to the night sky.

‘Hey Bal, Mel’, Caspar called out. ‘Come and look at this’, he said pointing up into the sky to the West. ‘Those stars, look, weren’t they further apart?’ The other two looked alternately at the reflection and up into the sky and Melchior said slowly, ‘You know, I think he might be right, they have moved closer together’.

They spent the rest of the night working out when the stars would meet, and by morning were issuing instructions to their servants for a journey west. I just hope I estimated the timing right, and they get to Bethlehem on time.

Addendum. I blew it, they were about 10 days late.


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