Intercession Prayer  For Sunday 6th December 2015

The Second Sunday of Advent.

Prayer1-1-small_thumb.jpgAdvent God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, as we await again the birth of Your Son we pray to You in His name. Give us patience in the weeks of Advent until He comes and let us not get caught up in the commercialism of the season.

As we buy gifts for those we care for, remind us that You give each of us the simplest gift of all, Your love given freely by your grace. It cannot be bought. You ask nothing in return and too often we give nothing, yet it is priceless. Thank you Father for this precious gift.

Loving God, as the climate talks continue in Paris, help us to see the world as you see it, with the frustration You must feel for the way we treat it and each other. Guide our politicians and leaders as they negotiate a new climate treaty to cut carbon emissions. Give them courage to do what is right for all, not what is popular or of benefit to their own interests.

Thank you that you blessed us by sending the Light of hope into the world. Help us to show that light to others and to see that another world is possible. Make us living examples of how the world could be.

As Luke reminds us how John cried out in the wilderness, let our voices be heard today. Guide us Father as we try in our modern, complex, noisy, consumer society to “Prepare the way of the Lord” and “make His paths straight.”

We pray for everyone suffering hardship, wherever and whatever its cause. This week we pray especially for the people of India’s Chennai province recovering from a flood. Give survivors strength to rebuild, the dead peace and their families comfort. Bless the aid workers lending assistance in the devastation.

The flood left many in Chennai without homes. Give us compassion on the homeless, not just at Christmas time but through the year, wherever they may be.

We pray for everyone involved in the bombing campaign of Islamic State in Syria, weather members of IS itself, our military or those who authorised the strikes. May this act of aggression lead ultimately to less loss of life, not more.

Healer and comforter, we pray for those who are unwell, those who care for them and those who seek to cure or relieve for their illness or injury. Whilst human effort may relieve distress and cure, only You, Father heal.

Father above. fill our hearts with the warmth of Your love and our minds with greed for your word. Give us strength to grow in love and welcome again the coming of Jesus into this world, bringing light and truth.

Merciful Father,
Accept these prayers for the sake of Your son,
our saviour,
Jesus Christ.


You can download and print this prayer here.


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