Gabriel’s Reflections: 2. Mary and Joseph

Short stories for the second Sunday of Advent.

A wry look at Luke 1:26-38


The Annunciation to Mary, Jacob de Wit 1695 – 1754

It’s been a busy year so far. My next major visit, I’d had quite a few minor jobs in the six months since Zec, was to a young woman, not much more than a girl really. She went by the name Mary. It wasn’t going to be the easiest message to deliver but, in practical terms, it was one of the easier jobs. It was to be a full corporeal materialisation. I thought is best to time my visit when I was reasonably sure she’d be on her own, I materialised a short time before sundown and before her betrothed, Joseph, got home from work. She actually took it remarkably well when I gave her Big G’s message,she even sang a little song.

I had to let her know that she was going to have a child, like Elizabeth but there was a big difference. Her child wasn’t going to be her husband to be, Joseph’s. It was going to be Big G’s. Jo. was simply going to stand in as step dad, until the boy grew up and yes, I did tell her it would be a boy. I looked in on Mary a couple of times during her pregnancy, just to make sure everything was ok. Non manifestations for those visits you understand.

Mind you, on one of the visits I had a little trouble finding her. Big G. forgot to tell me she gone off up country to visit her cousin and Zec.

A wry look at c


Joseph’s Dream, de La Tour 1593 – 1652

I missed when Mary had to explain it to Joseph. I bet that would have been an interesting conversation to hear. I know things got a bit sticky between them for a while. I thought I’d better step in, as was starting to look like he might do a runner. That meant arranging a visit to Jo, of course. I couldn’t go for the whole materialisation with him, so I decided on the dream option.

Now the dream option calls for a light touch; you cant risk them waking up part way through,yet it must be real enough to be remembered on waking. I thought it would be better if Joseph didn’t remember the details of my visit, only the message which had to seem to come from his own mind; tricky. You’re not going to believe how I solved that little problem. I appeared to Jo. in his dream as his donkey. Even that took longer than I thought. He was restless, not surprising really, so I had to hang about for ages until he was deep enough in sleep to dream.

I didn’t actually speak to him as a donkey, that would have been going too far, maybe even raise a few suspicions. A few brays got his attention. Then it became quite a simple matter of a bit of telepathy while I was staring into his eyes. He might have thought I was speaking but he never saw my lips move. I think that might be one of my best ploys.

Gabriel’s Reflections 1.


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