The Buried Giant

A review of the book by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Set in Old England, some years after the reign of King Arthur, Ishiguro takes on a journey through the english countryside with an old couple, Axl and Beartrice, to find their missing son.But did they have a son? And, is Axl what he seems?

In their long lives the Axl and Beartrice have forgotten much. The journey they set out to undertake awakens old memories, long buried. Little by little they piece together images and recollections from their past. Some of the memories bring a little happiness but some might have been better to have remained unawakened. The couple’s journey is as much emotional as it is physical and gruelling.

Amongst the adventure and sword fights, comradeship and treachery of the knights, warriors and dragon slayers, this is at heart a book about life long love between a man and a woman. It is hard to imagine anyone today who could sustain a marriage through the trials they had faced.

Not a great deal is known about the period of English history in which the book is set, so it gave the author relatively free reign of his imagination in constructing this tale which, I must admit, I found the story hard to follow at times. It is written in flashback, a style I do not particularly like, albeit to a scene usually only hours before the current point in the story. This made it hard for me to visualise some aspects of the book.

The Buried Giant is the first book by Kazuo Ishiguro I have read. Would I read another by him? Yes, probably but so far he is not an author I like enough to read his books consecutively.

As for the giant, that I haven’t mentioned, lets just say it is probably not what you might have imagined.


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