Don’t Answer Back, Just Do What I Tell You

after all I am your Mother.

Martin de Vos. 1597

When Jesus attends the wedding at Cana and is asked by his mother to provide more wine, his reaction is essentially, no I’m not ready to do that. Although he said it differently.

Jesus and his disciples were invited guests to the celebration but we are only told that Mary was there, not that she was invited. Can we infer anything from this? If Mary were just another guest, why would she be concerned about the wine running out?

Suppose that Mary was not simply a guest; suppose she had a hand in the organisation of the wedding feast. Why else should she be asking her son for more wine? Since this was Jesus’ first recorded miracle, how would she even know to ask him at that time?

Of course she might not know about his potential for miracles and so was just asking a family member for help in a sticky situation, that would reflect badly on the wedding’s host. Might it even be that Mary was the hostess and it was a brother or sister, literally in this case, of Jesus who had been married? Then no wonder she would be worried about a dearth of wine.

Could it also be that Jesus misinterpreted his mother’s question when asked to help. Mary might not, indeed probably was not asking for a miracle but that could be how jesus perceived the question when his initial reply was do not involve me.

When Jesus does comply with his mother’s wishes, he provides wine by the gallon. Something in the region of 120 gallons or more. Did it really need that much? Perhaps so,  it was not unusual for a wedding feast then to last for a week or more in that era.

Of course if I were being really cynical, I might suggest that Jesus mum just wanted him to replace all the wine his disciples had consumed, because she thought they had more than the rest of the wedding guests.

The wedding at Cana, according to the gospels,
is Jesus’ first miracle. (John 2: 1-12)




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