Absolute Power

If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, where does that leave God?

I agree that power corrupts but perhaps, absolute power is incorruptible.

If you consider that the primary reason for power is  acquisition of, usually, greater power. then when no more power can be obtained (absolute power) there is nothing to gain by corruption. From this point, if power is exercised in a corrupt manner, the holder of the supposed ‘ultimate power’ would actually be powerless to stop corruption below him, which he or she had used in the first place in the acquisition of power.

The only means now of exercising ultimate power, is judiciously, generously and with love and care i.e. it is not being, and can not be, exercised in a corrupt manner without itself becoming powerless over corruption.

By definition, absolute power can only be held by a single being or entity, and that omnipotent entity cannot be corrupt and would in fact be incorruptible, because corruption would diminish his, or her, power. Could this be God?


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