Jon: A true story of love, courage and faith.

A review of the book by Jacqueline Frederickson.

Readers of any of my other reviews know that I review subjectively. This review is no different but in fairness I should state that I know personally the author, knew the hero (I use “hero” deliberately) and some of the other characters too.

“Love, courage and faith” but there is perhaps a word missing in that short phrase. I think that ‘Strength’ should be in there too.

Jon Frederickson lost his battle with a brain tumour in May 2012. A True Story Of Love, Courage and Faith is his story told by the person who knew him best, his mother Jacky. It had been Jon who, perhaps cleverly, had asked mum Jacky to pen the story of his battle.

Although Jon did not have a long life, it is evident that he made every effort to live it to the full, independently as much as possible, accepting help when it was needed. Jacky’s title including the words love, courage and faith were, I assume referring to Jon but as you read the book, you see that every one of those words apply equally to Jacky as much as to her son.

While the book contains a few unavoidable medical terms about Jon’s illness, Jacky has avoided the flowery language sometimes employed by other authors. Far from detracting from the story, I think it made it all the more readable.

I’m not a quick reader. Anything under two weeks to complete a book is pretty good going.  Jon it took me two days, a record. Perhaps says as much about this book as anything else.

The book is published in support of the Brain Tumour Charity, with a proportion of sales donated to them. On the Just Giving website, you can find a Brain Tumour Charity support fund set up in Jon’s name. The book is available from Amazon and all the usual sources in print and electronic form, though the kindle edition does not include the coloured photographs found in the paper copy. In addition to the usual sources you can contact Jacky directly, @jackyfred1 to obtain a copy.

You can also read a news article about Jacky’s book here.


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