Assisted Suicide: Assisted Dying (No. 2) Bill 2015-16,

Verbatim copy of an e-mail to my MP. Only
my name and
address have been omitted.

Dear Luke Hall MP,

With the forthcoming second reading of Rob Morris MP’s bill Assisted Dying (No. 2) Bill 2015-16, due on on Friday 11th September 2015, please consider the following aspects.

First and foremost, I do not support assisted suicide and I hope you will vote against it.
I think that in most, possibly all, cases of assisted suicide, the candidate is comitting a selfish act by asking someone else to participate in a killing. I deliberately used “killing” at that point, not the softer term “suicide”.

Weather or not it eventually becomes legal, I believe there are important questions that need to be considered and I would like to know your position on these and that, where relevant, they be raised by you during the forthcoming reading.

1. Do you as an MP agree or disagree with the concept of assisted suicide. That only requires a yes or no answer, something which seems alien to a lot of politicians.

2. How will the potential emotional effects to the person asked to assist a suicide be handled.

3. What protection will be given to medical staff who do not wish to participate in assisting suicide.

4. There has been much debate about the mental competence of a candidate regarding assisted suicide. How will the mental competence of someone asked to assist be assessed and who will make the assessment?

5. How and at what point will the distinction between assisting suicide and killing be made and by who?

6. Should the suicide assistant, if the bill is passed, only be allowed to be someone impartial with nothing to lose or gain by the death?

7. How will it be ensured that for both the candidate and the person(s) asked to assist neither was subjected to any undue pressure?

Your constituent,

Name and address only in original e-mail

N.B. Neither you nor the Conservative party should contact me except in response to the above communication. My contact details may not be shared for any other purpose.

P.S. I am sending this as an open communication, that I shall be copying to my social media accounts.


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