When Religion And the Law Clash

the result is not always justice.

Kim Davis

The USA is supposed to be the land of the free and as I understand it to be, that includes the freedom of everyone to practice their religion. For one Christian Kentucky public official, religious freedom seems to have been taken away.

Kim is an elected official in Kentucky whose duties of her position include the issuing of marriage licences. She has been refusing to issue licences to G.A.Y. couples because she believes that is not i accordance with her Christian principals.

At the time of writing Kim Davis has been jailed for upholding her Christian beliefs, refusing to endorse G.A.Y. couples’ marriage licences. Was she right?

Kim was ordered to sign the licences by a judge, and jailed for contempt of court after refusing to do so, because of her Christian convictions (no pun intended). Whilst the law might require her to sign the licences, this would seem to be a situation where the law and justice are conflicting at least for Kim Davis.

The law allowing G.A.Y. marriage was implemented, in Kentucky, on 26th June 2015 following a ruling by America’a Supreme Court. Kim had been elected to her position in 2014 and took it up in January 2015, so the change in law was 6 months after her appointment.

If the change in law had been before her appointment, and she took the position knowing she would have to sign G.A.Y. marriage licences, then she would now clearly be in the wrong. As things stand, I am not sure it was right to hold her in contempt.  As a Christian, I have sympathy for both her metaphorical and literal positions. 

Jesus seems to say little, at least specifically, about obligation to obey human made law. He does however express an implied requirement to obey the law, when he says in Mark 12:17 about Roman taxes “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

The most direct reference to human made law in The Bible that I have found, is in Paul’s letter to the Romans, chapter 13. It states “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities” (NIVUK).

With the Bible passages quoted in mind, although, as I have said, I have sympathy for Kim’s stance and her predicament, I can not condone her decision to break the law.

 I disagree with homosexual marriage, but not because of my faith. Marriage
should be between people who, in normal conditions, can procreate. Homosexual
couples should, however, have all the same other rights married heterosexuals.

N.B.  Homosexual marriage is also legal here in the UK.




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