Nefertiti: The Book Of The Dead

A review of the book by Nick Drake.

Will those who like crime novels and detective stories like this? I don’t know as it is not a genre I read much?

Nefertiti: The Book Of The Dead, is a mystery set in ancient Egypt, to be solved by a detective with a new modus operandi.

Detective Rahotep of the Medjay, from the from the city of Thebes is drafted, somewhat unwillingly, to Pharaoh Akhenaten’s service in the new city of Akhetaten. He has been summoned to solve a mystery, that the court officials of the king have failed to find an answer to.

If Rahotep fails, it will cost him his life. If he succeeds it may still cost him his life. Just investigating the disappearance of queen Nefertiti might might cost him his life anyway, as forces seek to halt his investigations which might also expose a power struggle within the kingdom.

Those with any familiarity with ancient Egypt will doubtless recognise a good few names in Drake’s book. Even having seen a few fictional movies of the times will be enough for some of the names to be known by readers.

Based to some extent around historical facts, Nefertiti: the book of the dead is nevertheless a fictional tale. Whilst many of the historical details are undoubtedly right, I found Drake’s use of language to be a little disconcerting occasionally, particularly, when we are ‘listening’ to characters talking with each other, having a conversation. My reviews are subjective, but it seemed that the language of speech related when a conversation took place was too 20th century. You might think differently or even prefer the use of the modern idiom.

Nefertiti: The Book Of Th Dead is book I enjoyed reading, though one which I did not live up to its plaudits and hyperbolae.


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