Vagabonds: Another Look.

Mark 6: 7 – 11 as it probably didn’t happen. 

I can’t believe he’s done it, really done it, sending us out without any coin to our names. We’re not even allowed to take spare clothes, so he says, we’ve got to go in what we’re standing up in. He’s had some pretty hair brained schemes before but this one takes the biscuit. Who knows what he’s gonna come up with next. At least he said we can take staffs.

Well I suppose we should think ourselves lucky he said to travel in pairs. He might have sent us on our own, knowing him. Mind you, even in pairs there could be a bit of trouble or argument, about whose to go with whom. I guess we were pretty lucky getting sent together. We could have been stuck with one of the thunder boys each.

Oh well, c’mon Andy, let’s get going, before he notices us loitering. Where to do you reckon? I wish I knew Phil. I’m not even sure where we are, we’ve visited so many villages these last few days. Erm, has anyone even thought to ask him where we’re supposed to meet up again, after our odyssey?

Which way did the Thunder Boys go, did you see? North, I think. Ok, then I say we should go South. We don’t want to follow them around anyway and we stand better chance of keeping away from trouble further away from those impetuous idiots.

Hey look, isn’t that Andy and Tommo going the same way we said too? I think so, it’s hard to tell, squinting toward the sun. Let’s step it out a bit, see if we can catch up to see for sure. If it is them, we can have a bit of extra company for a while. At least until we have to choose which way to go at a fork in the road. C’mon mate.

Oh, now where did they go? I saw them turn this corner and there’s not so many ways they could choose. Oh well, I guess it’s just you and me then. Lets go. We’ll try and make the next village before sunset.

What was it the guv. said about dust on our shoes? Summat about kicking it off as we leave, wasn’t it? I presume he didn’t mean it literally as we leave a house. People wont be happy about having to sweep their doorsteps’ when we leave.

It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless
our walking is our preaching. – Francis of Assisi

My original post Vagabonds.


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