Getting Angry At God.

Inspired by a remark from my friend Jacquie.

angry_manWhy the hell did you let that happen, you could have stopped it. Get of your backside and do something.

Everyone gets in a furious temper at something or someone, at some time. Even Jesus is reported to have been angry at times. Notably  with the money-changers in the temple, when he overturned their tables, and with the pharisees for their hypocrisy. How we deal with our anger is important and can have far reaching implications.

It is probably never justified to be angry with God, though it might seem reasonable to sometimes. There are instances when I have raged at Him, for what seemed like good reasons at the time. I am not alone in this, we have all asked, perhaps usually just to ourselves, why me or why did You let this or that happen when You could have prevented it?

Jacquie related an anecdote, to our Bible group, about a relative who felt angry with God. It was remembering this, brought about during the writing of last week’s post, that prompted this piece.

When a relative of Jacquie’s said to her how she felt about something that had happened,  Jacquie’s advice was for her to tell God how she felt. Shout at Him if it would help, she said, and express her anger to Him. Of course the cause of the anger was not God’s, but He can take what we can not and deal with it better than any of us.

As I find quite often, my initial reaction was God should not be treated that way. With a little more thought, I began to see some logic in it and that it might be helpful.

God is big enough, understanding enough and accepting enough to take such a reaction from anyone and he is forgiving. It is surely better to take our anger out on someone who can not be hurt by it. To take anger out on another person, especially unjustified anger, can sour a relationship for days, months even years. It might leave the protagonists harbouring grudges for a lifetime. No one wants this to happen, especially God.

God can take whatever we say, or shout at Him and He will not react in a way that will worsen the situation. He will help people to become calmer, so that they can deal with what makes them angry without hurting anyone else.

I think that God would prefer someone be angry with Him, even unjustified rage, than hurt someone else, albeit unintentionally in the heat of the moment.


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