Making Someone Happy:

with something useless.

photoI don’t how many countries other than the UK that The Clangers was broadcast to at the end of the 1960s and early 17970s but I’ve just discovered it is back. The modern series seems to be just good, and it brings back memories of the original series, and that time.

I’m writing this after watching episode 5, The Flying Froglets; still available on the BBC iPlayer at the time of writing.

It is about Small Clanger inventing various things. His first invention is according to Major Clanger, silly and useless.

Often in current times, an invention that is called useless is a euphemism for one of two things. It does not do anything useful or, more likely, is not seen as generating potential profit.

Small Clanger perseveres, and tries again. He does not succeed inventing anything actually useful. He does invent something fun which makes everyone laugh, especially Granny, whose birthday it happens to be.

Is something ever really useless if it makes someone happy?


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