Bad Language

Does God ever swear?

swear-wordThis post was inspired by a post from Helenblogs, called Hearing God Swear.

God communicates with us in various ways, even so such messages rarely directly spoken to one particular person. In the Bible, the records of direct communication between God and a man are few and far between. From time to time however he does speak with someone, like we are told in Helenblogs (link above).

On first reading, I was surprised by the words God chose for Helen. My immediate reaction was that God would never swear, as Helen says he did (see Helen’s blog if you want to know the words I will not repeat). However after a little more thought, it occurred to me that maybe He would swear, if He felt the need in a particular situation.

I’m sure He must feel like swearing at us humans a lot of the time, for the way we behave to Him, to each other and for our stewardship of planet Earth. Think about it, if you were in His position, wouldn’t you?

In Helen’s case, it seems he needed to get her attention fairly urgently. We are used to hearing God’s word in English, though of course that was not the original language of The Bible. But it’s not just the language used that is important but also the form of words and construction of the sentences to convey meaning.

On the occasions that God chooses, or needs to contact someone directly and send a message, He will choose the words on an individual basis to make that specific person sit up and take notice, grab their attention.

Perhaps Helen swears herself, I do not know. If she does, perhaps God just spoke to her in the kind of language she herself uses. To me, that would make perfect sense. If she does not swear, or is not used to that form of language herself, it would certainly get her attention.

Does God swear? Mostly to himself I would guess. However the post also brought back to me an incident from my childhood. I did not swear often then and do not now either. On one particular occasion I slipped up and swore for the first time in front of my dad. I expected to get a clip round the ear but dad surprised me with his response. All he said, I remember exactly the words to this day, was “Just so long as you know when it’s appropriate, or not son.”

Evidently there are times when God thinks it appropriate too.

P.s. is well worth a read. Take a look at her poetry page too.

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