Intercession Prayer For Sunday 21st June 2015

The 3rd Sunday after Trinity.

Audio prayer: [audio]


Gracious God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we offer you our prayers and praise in word and song in His name. Hear us as we pray in fellowship for Your world, Your church and for ourselves.

You made and gave into our care Your world. You washed it clean with water and made land. You covered it in blue sky and set it in balance and then you made us, and all living things. Father God, forgive us our shortsightedness and folly, neglect and greed as we exploit its resources. Forgive our consumption that is lacking in the compassion that Your Son showed to us.

As Jesus calmed the waters, and so calmed the fears of his disciples in the boat. We ask that you Father, working through our leaders, weather political or of faith, will calm the troubled places of this planet. Send Your Holy Spirit to guide and protect those who would be peacemakers in places like Syria, Iraq and and all the places we have left unspoken or do not know of.

Where aid workers cannot go, or cannot reach, we ask You to give a refuge to the dispossessed, displaced and oppressed and for people fleeing to safety. As they seek a haven for their families and themselves, guide them as they trust in You.

We pray for those not fleeing their homeland but taken or deceived, to be trafficked into slavery, or forced into prostitution. Give them strength to cope and courage to inform the authorities, so that perpetrators will be brought to justice.

We pray for Your church and it’s leaders. Thank you Father for the clergy, lay ministers and all the officers of churches. We pray that your guidance and their support will enable us to expand our mission beyond the walls of our church buildings, extending Your fellowship deeper into local communities.

As the season of exams comes to a close, we pray for the children and young men and women waiting to take exams or having taken them are already awaiting their results, on which their future path in life may depend. Give them patience and peace of mind in the weeks leading up to publication of their grades.

In a week when the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty To Children says there are a lack of resources, we pray for all abused or neglected children. We pray for their safety and well being that they might thrive.

We think of the nine missing children, feared to have been taken by their mothers’ to join the Islamic State, after visiting Saudi Arabia. We pray that they are found quickly and returned to safety.

Loving Father, thank You for saying to us Your words of life, to challenge and inspire us each day in Your holy name. Give us the grace to hear You and to follow where you lead.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer for the sake of your son, our saviour Jesus Christ.


Download and print this prayer here.


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