Leave Them Wanting More.

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Ilya Repin 1844 – 1930 Raising of Jairus’ Daughter

Did Jesus use miracles for publicity?

Is it possible that Jesus might have had a touch of the showman about him, when he performed some of his miracles? Not in exaggerated or melodramatic performance but by doing some of them in places, and at times, when he had an audience, or might know that word would spread about what he’d done.

I’m not trying to be deliberately cynical, I believe the miracles happened,  from the water into wine at the wedding at Cana, to giving a blind man sight and raising Jairus’ daughter. Every one was a boon to all those who received Jesus’ blessing of benefitting from one. I sometimes wonder though if, in at least some instances, Jesus might also have had a wider purpose by performing them.

He would know that for his teaching to spread, he had to reach as many people as he could. What better way of attracting more people than for them to hear about his miracles and want to see him for themselves. In today’s parlance, he went viral. Essentially, he created publicity using the social networks of the day, maybe a bit like Twitter, Facebook or TV would be used now.

Not all of his miracles were deliberately public but they were all carried out with care and compassion. The miracles got people talking and so word spread. How many, or perhaps we should ask how few, people might have followed the Lord without the publicity that surrounded His miracles? Christianity if it came into being at all, might be very different, possibly a small marginal sect.

And then of course the final miracle, he was dead but came back for an encore. Then, after 40 days departed completely. This could be a case of the old entertainers adage of “always leave them wanting more”……….. Discuss.


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