Intercession Prayer For Sunday 8th March

The third Sunday of Lent.


Father God our creator and foundation who gives us life that we might find redemption and salvation through Your Son. We bring to you on this third Sunday of Lent our prayer for your world, Your church and for ourselves, offered in the name of Jesus Christ.

With the guidance of Your Holy Spirit and the security of our faith, give us the confidence to offer the hand of partnership of Jesus to those yet to know you.

As we travel through Lent toward Easter, preparing to see again the temple torn down at Jesus’ death and celebrate its rise again to new life, we pray for all whose life is a perpetual Lent; those who can not give or give up something, who are surviving with nothing to give or give up. We pray for the hungry and for those who look to aid like the Food Banks for their next meal.

We give thanks for the volunteers keeping the food banks operating and the generosity of all who contribute the provisions to be distributed.

We pray Father for the families and friends of those killed in the mining disaster at the Zasyadko mine, in the Ukraine. Comfort them in their loss and strengthen them as they deal with the consequences.

We pray too for everyone in the Ukraine killed or injured in the war and for everyone affected by the conflict whether man or woman, young or old, soldier or civilian.

We pray for the middle east where fighting continues in Syria, Iran, Iraq and the Levant region. We ask for victory in the region but not a victory of arms; a victory for peace, where everyone wins.

Father God, help us to live in peace together, to be understanding and compassionate, to seek Your wisdom and justice in all we do and to forgive when we are hurt. Let us hear Your quiet call to discipleship and service.

God our Father, strengthen us and give us courage to follow Jesus into the unknown, to see when we are being lead astray and return to the path you would have us tread. Let it be Your bread that sustains us, Your world that we serve and You alone that we worship.

We pray for the African nations and Liberia, still suffering the effects of the ebola virus. We ask for your strength, comfort and compassion for the families of the nearly 10,000 people who have lost their lives. We give thanks that the rate of infection now seems to be slowing and we pray for Your support to the aid workers risking their own lives in the region.

Father God, we pray for all who are unwell or troubled:
for those suffering from depression.
for all who miss loved ones.
for the lonely with little or no company.
for people needing healing from hurtful memories.
for the terminally ill.
for those frightened of potential diagnoses.
for those anticipating treatment or surgery.
and for carers who support family or friends.

We place before you Father those know to us personally in need of your gentle healing and in a few moments of silence we bring you the cares and concerns in our own hearts that we voice to no one but You lord.

(From the Women’s World Day of Prayer) Gracious and ever loving God, accept and bless all that we offer and help us to walk in the footsteps of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, following His example of loving service to others.

Merciful Father,
Accept these prayers for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

You can download and print this prayer here.


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