Intercession Prayer For Sunday 18th January 2015

The Second Sunday Of Epiphany.


Father God who sent Your Son to Earth to redeem his people, we offer you this prayer on the second Sunday of Epiphany in the Jesus’ name for your world, your church and for ourselves.

As John tells us, Jesus called Nathaniel and Philip and the other disciples and they heard and followed, open our ears to your call and help us to take that call outside the walls of our churches.

Let the call that we take out be a call for peace and reconciliation in a divided world. Let our call be heard by our leaders, weather political or religious, and let them extend their call across the nations and faiths. Father God, we pray for understanding between colours and countries, between cultures and creeds and between all the faiths that lead to you.

Today in 1919 the peace conference in Paris at the end of the First World War opened. Teach us Father not to talk of peace after a conflict but before, not to divvy out the spoils of war but to prevent the bloodshed and hardship caused by hate. You call us to forgive Father but let us not forget, so that we learn the lessons of past conflict.

God our Father, who sent His Son to walk amongst the lost and the lonely with compassion and understanding. Lead us to the people in loneliness, where we can give companionship and the dispossessed to whom we can extend your hand of friendship. Help us to calm those in distress and at the end of their tether with your gentleness.

Jesus said that the poor will always be with us, but that is no reason to be complacent, without ambition to help lift them out of poverty. Give us the strength and the will to join our voices with those of our Arch Bishops Justin and John, who have called for a just and sustainable society and the low paid to be given a living wage, not just the statutory minimum wage.

Lord above who entrusted us with a will to discover and a mind to learn, show us the way so that each new discovery will be used to the good of this planet and its people. Especially at this time help our doctors and scientists seeking new cures for the Ebola epidemic raging in West Africa.

We pray for the people suffering the effects of the Ebola virus, especially in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. We give thanks for the medical teams bringing much needed aid and especially for the new specialist treatment centre for pregnant women in Freetown, Sierra Leone established there by the medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Heavenly Father, hold in your arms of love all who are sick or injured, in body, mind or spirit. Let each of them in their moment of need feel your comforting presence and in a few moments of quiet we lay before you the cares and concerns of our own hearts.

Almighty God, as your church goes forward into the future,
may we know your will and purpose for us. May your church be alive with a true and full love of Jesus; May we walk together on our journey with love, compassion and understanding of each other and acceptance of all.
May your Holy Spirit guide us so that we are open to the new possibilities you place before us. May the worship we offer be always filled with life and joy, and then may we take our love out into the world so that others may know you as the source of life and love.

Merciful Father,
accept these prayers
for the sake of Your son,
our Saviour,
Jesus Christ.


You can download and print this prayer here.


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