The Light

Brightening the future.

CandleThink for a few moments how far away a light can be seen from. A candle can be seen for miles, a modern torch for tens of miles. Stars can be seen for millions of miles (one of the other names of Jesus is the Morning Star). Even the glow of a cigarette can be seen for hundreds of yards, and wartime stories abound of people shot at because the glow of their ciggy could be seen.

It’s not that the light is necessarily bright enough to illuminate something in the distance, although that is possible with some powerful spotlights, but that it can be seen by a normal human eye over very great distances. On our planet light almost always means that there are people nearby. There are a few rare examples of naturally occurring light but by and large, light means people and the few who keep to the shadows do so with some unwelcome purpose in mind.

God sent Jesus to be a light for the world, a shining beacon to attract people to himself and to a better way of living. Is it possible that his light shone so brightly that he blinded some people to the truth, or was it that by shining such an intense light upon us, that the mendacity and hypocrisy of so many people became exposed to all who could see?

Light can attract people like a beacon, or warn them away like a lighthouse warning sailors of a dangerous coastline. It is not easy to block out all light but is very easy to throw a shadow cutting of direct light, getting in someones way as they seek the light. it takes only one person, standing in front of a light source, to put another person in the shade.

I think the Christian journey might be likened to being attracted to the light in 3 ways:

  • First we see the light perhaps far off like a distant star, or flickering candle and we are attracted towards it.
  • As we come closer to the light it begins to shines on us, we become bathed in a glow that not only draws us, it illuminates our path so we do not stumble or trip quite so frequently.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we begin to reflect the light of Jesus (we will never shine brightly enough ourselves) so that more people will see it and be attracted towards it.

It’s up to you, will you be a shade keeping others in the dark, a warning light keeping people away, or will you become a mirror reflecting the eternal light of our Lord?

No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar, or puts it
under the bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so
that those who come in can see the light. – Luke 8: 16.


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