Intercession Prayer For Sunday 22nd June 2014

Perfect Father, who gave Your Son to teach us and Your Spirit to guide us, hear us as we pray  in thanks and praise for the gifts and the grace you send us and as we tell you of our cares and concerns ,for ourselves and others.

Too often we hear of divisions within religions and churches. We give thanks for those places where they work together in partnership and harmony and we pray for your wisdom and guidance that where there is division, they might find common cause to work together in partnership, harmony and faith.

As Matthew reminds us (Matthew 10: 25) of the relationship between students and teachers, we pray for everyone taking exams, on which their futures might depend. We pray for those in their last year of school, those in higher education and for the mature students. God above we pray too for the parents of the young students, who will be especially concerned for their child’s success and happiness at this time.

We pray for the students of Your word, Father God, and ask that wherever they may serve You, by serving others, You bless them and send Your Holy Spirit to guide them.

Lord of peace, who must sometimes despair at the violence we inflict on one-another, we pray for all who are afflicted by violence in any form.  We remember those caught up in conflict and war and those who are the unreported victims we might never hear about so might not get desperately needed aid and protection. We remember and pray for Syria, at war with itself for 3 years, for Ukraine and Pakistan and for Iraq with its ISIS uprising. We continue to hold in our prayers the kidnapped Nigerian school girls and for their desperate families.

We thank you Father for our own relative safety and security that we take for granted. We ask that with Your Holy Spirit to guide them, our politicians and leaders seek ways to end conflict by fair, negotiated treaties.

We remember before You those affect this week by the floods in Bulgaria. Send Your comfort to the families of the dead and Your strength to the living, driven from their destroyed homes and livelihoods, as they attempt to rebuild their lives. God above, send to all the distressed, afflicted or displaced relief according to their need.

Dear Lord and Creator, we thank you for everyone who have made personal sacrifices to provide us the modern healthcare we so often fail to appreciate. Those dedicated research and medical professionals, through your gift of creativity, have made cures possible for many ills physical and mental and the ability to mend broken bodies. Great though these achievements might seem, they pale beside true healing found in Your gift of grace.

Merciful God, comfort the sick and bereaved with healing grace as we call to mind before you those known to us who need your gentle healing and, in a few moments of silence, hear our on cares and concerns spoken within our hearts and minds. 

Father God, who loves us all equally, guide us,  keep us safe and teach us to love one-another as You love each of us.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer
for the sake of Your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Download this prayer as a .pdf document.


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