I Got Sssteam Heat

steam-imagePondering The Holy Spirit 3

Steam is the clear, invisible vapour between the hot water and the visible mist that we usually, incorrectly, call the steam. It expands to take up a whole lot more space than when it is in it’s liquid state. Used wisely, steam can provide heat and power but try to bottle it up or keep it in a confined space and BOOM, you can get a whopping great explosion. The Holy Spirit is, in some ways, a bit like steam.

For starters, steam, like the Holy Spirit, is invisible. You know it is there not because it can be seen, or measured but by observing its effect. An analogy might be the wind; you can see the leaves of a tree move by wind, but you cannot see the wind itself.

In the same way, The Holy Spirit cannot be seen but it can be seen working, through the people who open themselves up to it; allow it to ‘power’, or perhaps I should say empower, them. It can be felt but not touched, sensed but not measured.

As for the explosion; pressure of steam takes time to build up. In the same way the Holy Spirit takes time to build up in you and me. If we try to ignore all that potential energy building up, and don’t use it a bit at a time in a controlled manner, it might release its pressure in unexpected, unpredictable ways. If we ignore the Holy Spirit building up within us, it too will, sooner or later, find an avenue of release, in its own way.

The Holy Spirit and Steam are both capable of releasing great power. Many people do not realise that steam is used in nuclear power generation. The nuclear chain reaction heats the water to make the steam and it is the steam that turns the turbines, to make the electricity.

Steam can power a nation;
the Holy Spirit can, if we let it, power a person, a nation and a world


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