Intercession Prayer For Sunday 20th April 2014, Easter Sunday

Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, Today we rejoice in the promise of salvation that you have brought us by your resurrection. On Friday you were killed, crucified like a common criminal to atone for our sin. On this the third day You have risen again.

Rembrandt’s The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen

After the darkness of the tomb, as you emerged from its blackness, you must have blinked in the early morning sunlight. Let us not blink or shut our eyes to Your radiance. Instead, let that radiance, a light for the world, pierce the mist and darkness of our sight and give us clear vision. Father, open our eyes to Jesus as Lord.

An angel sent Mary to tell the disciples of the wonderful news of the risen Lord. Today we are his disciples and, with your support Father, we are the ones to carry the news of the risen Jesus. Our church might be an old building of grey stone yet compared to You, Father, is of hardly any age at all. Grey though its walls might be, let the light of Your son, Jesus Christ, shine out through the windows and as we walk out of its doors, let us be that light to shine around our towns and communities.

God and Father, as you inspire us in our own church, inspire and lead all Your children who hear Jesus’ call to spread His message of love far and wide. Bless our Bishops and Arch Bishops and all who are called to lead us in your work.

We pray for our political leaders, so that they will govern with your wisdom and justice and not with any party dogma. We pray too for politicians around the world especially in troubled and violent states and countries. Whilst we call to mind the conflict in Ukraine, currently in the news, we pray also for Syria where hundreds have died but seems in danger of becoming a forgotten war as trouble stirs closer to home.

We pray for all who try to bring help and relief, peace and justice to these places. We ask you Father to bless and strengthen aid workers bringing food and medicine, often at the risk of their own safety.

As Jesus’ mother, Mary, saw her son die upon the cross, we ask for your strength and comfort Lord, for every parent who has suffered the death of their child. Especially this week, we pray for the families of the dead who were lost in the South Korean ferry disaster, so many of whom were young men and women still of school age.

In an age when your gifts have enabled mankind to achieve so much, there is infinitely more that only You know, Father, and which You choose to reveal to us only when You judge the time to be right, and us to be ready. You have yet to reveal the fate of the missing Malaysian airliner, flight MH370, lost over a month ago. Until the time is right for the truth to be discovered, revealed by you, we pray for that Your love and compassion will comfort and support everyone who has lost a friend or family member in the tragedy.

Heavenly Father, we each carry a burden. For one it might be a great load and for another, a small weight. Remind us Father that what might seem a small weight to one may crush another.

Your Son, our Saviour carried the greatest burden of all, the incalculable weight of our sin. On the way to Golgotha, forced to carry the cross on which He would die, when the weight became too much to bear a man, Simon the Cyrene lifted the heavy wood from Jesus’ shoulders and carried his burden.

As each of us carries our own cross, we know that we will always be helped to carry it when it begins to weigh us down. We believe and give thanks that Jesus Christ, Your son, will help us bear the weight. He might not lift the cross from our shoulders but he will give us the strength to carry it.

Gentle Father with the power of life over death, who raised your son from the dead, we pray to you for those in need of your healing known and unknown to us. Bring peace to those in pain and mend those broken in mind, body or spirit by the touch of your tender hands. By your grace we each bring before you in the silence of our hearts our cares and concerns and especially our thanks for all your gifts.

God and Father, Creator of all, this is a day of Easter Joy.
May the risen Lord breathe in our minds and open our eyes
that we might know Him in the breaking of bread and follow Him in his risen life.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer for the sake of Your Son, our saviour, Jesus Christ.


Download the .pdf of this prayer here.


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